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MacStories Reviews Albums 4.0

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 8, 2021 at 8:52 AM.

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    John Voorhees, reviews the new version of Albums 4.0 at MacStories:

    Albums 4.0 is a beautifully designed, feature-rich app with more filtering and discovery tools than any other music app I’ve tried. The app is also opinionated, favoring album playback over individual songs or playlists. It’s the sort of focused, deep approach to music that Apple’s Music app doesn’t offer because it’s designed to appeal to a wider audience.

    If you’re an albums-first music fan, you’ll love Albums. However, even if you prefer singles, playlists, and jumping around the Apple Music catalog as I do, Albums is worth checking out. The app’s powerful filtering opens up brand new ways to enjoy your music collection that any music fan can appreciate.


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  2. Phil507

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    Been using this app for a year and really enjoying it. I hope they update the library update feature in this newer version as there have been kinks in the past but for those you who use your own collection vs. Spotify, this is a great app and the Last.FM plug-in is awesome.
  3. brandon Prestigious

    Didn't see anything in the review or the description, so assuming this doesn't integrate with Spotify? Don't have/pay for Apple Music
  4. hermanthehermit

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    Yeah, just for Apple Music