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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by tdlyon, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. tdlyon

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    I can't even begin to consider listening to Watching Movies or Faces right now but I just listened to all of Swimming again... I'm not sure I can ever listen to the song 2009 again
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  2. The Lucky Moose

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  3. nickdr921


    so fucking sad. Our country has a very serious problem that needs to be dealt with, we are losing too many kids. RIP Mac
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  4. ncarrab Sep 8, 2018
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    Not a Mac fan in the slightest but anytime I see a young life lost to drugs (again and again and again) it hits me harder and harder every time. I was in a funk all night after I heard this news. Just knowing the impact he had on millions of people, the struggles he had, family and friends grieving. It’s all so depressing.

    Listened to Swimming late last night front to back for first time and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to digging into his other stuff.
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  5. OotyPa


    Relistening to Divine Feminine this morning. A really gorgeous record, imo.
  6. Rowan5215

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    I hadn't actually heard that or GO:OD AM before today so I checked them out. GO:OD did nothing for me but Divine was a surprisingly beautiful and fun record that I really wasn't expecting, even if it overstayed its welcome in a few places. Swimming wins out but I really think it's underrated
  7. The Lucky Moose Sep 8, 2018
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    The Lucky Moose

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    The Divine Feminine is a prime exame of how a mainstream white artist can express himself through and exist within black music without it feeling like something is off. The love for the music and culture is so evident that it all feels right. Mac in general was a good example of that but his later work, especially TDV with its many influences, really highlighted it.
  8. imthesheriff

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    Listening to swimming again and it ending with so it goes and the lyrics in that song make it extra heartbreaking.
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  9. tdlyon

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    This has made me come to the morbid realization that Mac is in my top 5 rappers ever. I always knew he was in my top 10 but how much I've been listening to him over the last two days and how upset I still am really made that sink in for me.
  10. Contender

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  11. Horrorca


    playing Watching Movies - that was a big album for me

    RIP Mac
  12. chris

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    been listening to swimming all weekend, this one fucked me up
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  13. bedwettingcosmo

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    2009 tiny desk concert is the most heartbreaking thing ive ever seen
  14. bedwettingcosmo

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    this shit is fucking me up. like one day he just decides to get fucked up and then doesn't wake up. like he just sees eternal sleep and he'll never know his legacy. he'll never know all the hearts broken. he'll never see how fucking much everyone loved him.
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  15. Omni

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    this shit is so dope
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  16. chris

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    the beat switch on self care ruined my life
  17. Rowan5215

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    one of my favourite beats on that album, shit's beautiful
  18. tdlyon

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    At least there's seemingly a lot of people discovering just how great he was. Hate that it had to be this way but I'm so happy so many people are enjoying his music that previously had written him off or not given him a proper chance
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  19. David Smith Sep 10, 2018
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    David Smith


    Mac began to blow up toward the tail end of my high school years (I graduated in 2012). I remember seeing tweets about him or tweets that contained his lyrics from friends quite often. I remember being in my friend's car on the way to a Steak-n-Shake before a lacrosse practice and hearing "The Spins" from K.I.D.S for the first time; I was not particularly moved, but I remember thinking it was a cool song and asking who it was, receiving the answer "MAC MILLER!!!" like I was way too late to the party. I slowly became a fan.

    I remember hearing "Donald Trump" all the time when it came out, but I did not listen to Best Day Ever in its entirety until the summer of 2011 (funnily enough, it was the album I had in constant rotation until blink dropped "Up All Night". 2011, what a year). I remembering not liking Blue Slide Park very much when it came out (I remember it dropped same day as Noel Gallagher's first record and AVA's Love Part II, those two records being much better and taking up most of my listening at the time). I sort of went stale on Mac until I got my first laptop.

    When I finally had my own computer, I began building a giant iTunes library. I really took a liking to hip-hop and began adding whole discographies of every artist I enjoyed. At the time, my life consisted of me being a pizza delivery driver who loved to smoke weed and listen to music while driving. I remember taking a deep dive into Mac, among many others, that summer and listened to all of his mixtapes. The Jukebox, The High Life, I Love Life Thank You, Macadelic. He won me over with tracks like "All That", "Thoughts from a Balcony" and "The Feeling". He was a polarizing figure in hip-hop at that time; he had an amphitheater tour with Wiz Khalifa, but he had a ton of critics because of Blue Slide Park. A lot of people I associated with wrote him off forever during this period and would unfortunately miss out on what was to come.

    Mac began dropping some experimental tracks on SoundCloud and other hip-hop blogs. I remember loving how different he began to be. He was collaborating with SchoolBoy Q, Ab-Soul, Pharrell and as a fan, I was witnessing a true evolution take place. I watched his MTV show and was praying his album (as well as Yeezus and Born Sinner) would leak before June 4th (I enlisted in the Navy that year, and June 4th was the day I left for basic training. I remember Jimmy Eat World's "Damage" leaked hours before I left my family the evening of June 3rd and that record was stuck in my head for the next 60 days, shit you not. It was the last thing I listened to and I STILL cannot shake how the song "How'd You Have Me" was always on my mind. Back to what I was saying.)

    The first album I listened to when I got my phone back on August 2nd, 2013 was WMWTSO. I loved the expansiveness and all the features and this was when I was finally on the Mac bandwagon for good. I would always defend him and try and introduce him to friends of mine who had written him off. I remember when Faces dropped, I loved it. Now, I look at it differently in light of what happened; he was rapping about concerning drugs like cocaine, PCP and LSD. I did not realize that, like many others, perhaps I was listening to a cry for help.

    I had a friend named Brett that died the summer after I graduated (same summer I got really into Mac). Brett was a genuine guy and everyone around him loved him; charismatic, funny dude who was the life of the party everywhere he went. Brett was also the most well-functioning alcoholic I had ever met. Drunk at school, drunk every time I saw him that summer, just always drunk. Always. Brett died because one evening, he was drinking at a friend's house and in a stupor, wandered outdoors, tripped, hit his head so hard on the ground that he was concussed and was laying alone for 20-30 minutes before anyone found him. His brain basically was depleted of its oxygen supply and he was already in a vegetated state when the 911 call was made.

    Mac's death really brought me back to this time of my life in more ways than just his music - you see, what no one realized at the time was that Brett had a serious problem. No one thought his drinking was a harmful thing. It was funny to us. Not to throw shade, but we all enabled his addiction by not saying anything.

    At the very least, Mac's death is another painful reminder that if you see something, say something. I obviously don't know all the details about his overdose, but I am sure his inner circle are all thinking the same things my circle thought when our friend died. We all wished we could have done something that could have prevented it. We are all fragile beings that need to lean on one another for support. When we lean on substance for that same support, it never ends well.
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  20. The Lucky Moose

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  21. The Lucky Moose

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  22. Rowan5215

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  23. Aaron Mook

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    Hate the tweets I'm seeing that are like "Mac has seven albums trending on streaming platforms, can't believe had to die in order for y'all to appreciate him." Like, we're all upset, pointing fingers over his music spiking due to the obviously fucking awful circumstances is not helping anyone. Blech.
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  24. manoverboard365


    People can be so fucking clueless. On Friday I made a facebook status remembering Mac, and someone actually posted a comment along the lines of "Who cares that he died his music sucks."

    Like seriously? First off the kid just died, now is not the time to be sharing your negative opinions about his art. Second, I made it very clear in my post that I was a fan of his and I was upset with his could someone read that and try to make a joke out of it. It's like these asshole are so self centered they think "well you shouldn't be upset because I'm not upset."

    Urgh this has been bothering me for the last four days.
  25. David Smith


    Amazing how heartless humans can be