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Mötley Crüe Singer Sued by Assault Victim

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 15, 2016.

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    Kimberly Lawson, writing for Broadly, on Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil being sued for physical assault:

    Guerrero said Neil and Cage were engaging in “horseplay”—Cage had put Neil in a headlock—as she attempted to catch Cage’s attention.”My son loved you in Ghost Rider and City of Angels,” she called out to him as the group passed by.

    “Then,” the suit contends, “as Mr. Cage let go of Vince Neil and was walking away, Vince Neil attacked Kelly without warning or provocation. Neil grabbed Kelly’s hair from behind, yanking her down to the pavement on her back.”

  2. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  3. RiseAgainst379


    Hope they nail this guy to the fucking wall and get a nice fat judgment for punitive damages.
  4. Kizwiz


    Send him to some rehabilitation program.
  5. stuckinvhs

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    Dude clearly needs rehab. Doesn't excuse his actions, but still. Also thank god for Nicolas Cage.