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Lynn Gunn of PVRIS Working on New Music

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 21, 2017.

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    Lynn Gunn of PVRIS posted on Instagram that she’s been working on new music and collaborating with some fun people over the past few weeks.

  2. Brent

    Trusted Prestigious

    What an absolute garbage bomb of a sophomore album. I thought MISTERWIVES was the disappointment of the year, but this just took the cake.
  3. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Prestigious

    I love Lynn, and I loved both Pvris albums. But I really hope she considers some time off to heal her voice before she damages her vocal chords beyond repair. I want her to have a long and happy career.
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  4. ARo24


    I need to give that last album another spin. Kinda forgot about it after looking forward to it for so long. Band has so much potential.
  5. Last album was great.
  6. BirdPerson

    fuck tammy! Prestigious

    Yes please

    Gonna have to try to get to that SF date
  7. heymattrick

    Pool Boy at the Vampire Mansion

    Wow, both All We Know of Heaven... and Connect the Dots are great.
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  8. Zilla

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    Counterpoint: Neither was particularly good when compared to their debuts.
  9. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    AWKOH was way better than their debut imo
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  10. Callum Macleod

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    I agree with this. I never got all super into the debut but play AWKOH a lot.
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