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Lucky Boys Confusion to Record New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. irthesteve

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    Amazing news
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  3. heymattrick

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    I thought they already had been, but either way this is stellar news. I cannot wait for new LBC music! I hope they tour again one day, or I hope I end up in Chicago the same time they're playing a show there (twice now I have missed this by 1 day). I've only seen them once and it was phenomenal.
  4. buckcheeks


  5. TJ Wells

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    Fuck yes, I would love if this lead to a tour.
  6. Fox83


    Oh wow. I had no idea they were active again.
  7. CaptainInsano


    OH HELL YEAH! I've been jamming SHFC the past couple weeks and was wondering when we'd hear some new music from Stubhy.
  8. JimmyIymmiJ

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    So excited. These guys hold such a special place for me. I saw them at their New Years show and loved the new song they played. Can't wait to hear more.
  9. clucky

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    Commitment is probably a top 5 "underrated albums" album for me so cue the party music
  10. Iamhollywood315


    The Cubs win and LBC is writing music again. interesting!
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  11. slimfenix182


  12. Casanova Frankenstein


    LBC is one of the most underrated bands of their era. Those early albums are next level. Great news!
  13. joshuaharris


    This makes me very happy.
  14. Jackbo487


  15. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    I still toss "throwing the game" on now and again. Such a fun time for me musically, so it always takes me back