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LP Will Not Be Drumming on Yellowcard’s Final Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 1, 2016.

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  2. DearCory


    It would've been nice to have him back... but if the band and LP didn't want it to happen, then I respect their decision.

    Did we ever get a reason as to why he left?
  3. kidinthebushes


    I would love to find out what happened between both parties. It didn't seem amicable. I wonder who will drum. Cyrus will be recording with New Found Glory.
  4. vcmstone

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    This is what I want to know. Looking through the Facebook comments, too many talk about half stories and breaking an engagement. What was the real reason he left?
  5. Turkeylegz


    Bummer. It was magical having Tony behind the kit for Motion City's final hurrah.
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  6. AbsolutePunk

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    understandable but still pretty disappointing.
  7. I'm surprised anyone was expecting that, honestly
  8. Oh my gosh your username
  9. mattylikesfilms Aug 1, 2016
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    Pretty sure Ryan gave him the boot. I have heard pretty lousy stories of him (Ryan) throughout the years (won't delve into it) so I would not be surprised if that is what happened. Either way, it's obvious LP wanted to do the last tour (he tweeted it out) but at least we got Nate from Anberlin!
  10. Zilla

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    Considering he formed a band with ex-Yellowcard member Ben Harper, it's safe to say it wasn't a great split, I'd imagine.
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  11. TDenverFan


    What did LP tweet? I don't see anything recent on his twitter
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  12. NewSurrender

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    This was right when the Yellowcard Final Tour was announced. A fan asked if he would like to join the final tour drumming, and he replied 'I would love to, man!' Or something to that effect
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  13. mattylikesfilms


    This is what I was referring to. I also remember reading tweets in the past that hinted he was pissed about leaving YC but who knows?
  14. felipecardel

    formless in the night Prestigious

    from what i read back when he left, he felt like drumming in YC wasn't really challenging and was hindering his talent or something.
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  15. mattylikesfilms


    If that is true then that's a shame. He was a beast behind the kit.
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  16. felipecardel

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    yeah but i see where he's coming from, after Lights & Sounds his drumming became kinda standard and there weren't that many crazy fills anymore.
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  17. mattylikesfilms


    Very true, I love Lights and thought the records that followed were either just ok or mediocre.
  18. Larry David

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    Wow apparently I'm out of the loop.... Final tour?!
  19. sammyboy516

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    It was LP's dad that was saying this.

    Also, considering that LP himself said he wanted to do this tour...I would think someone in the band doesn't want him to, ha.
  20. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  21. mattylikesfilms


    Hearing stories about them on Warped back in the day, from people that worked it, werent that nice. Not saying that I know that's the case (Ryan kicking members out) but I'm saying it would make sense from what I heard.
  22. notbrokejustbent


    You still have no idea what you're talking about. And the "won't delve into it" reeks of people on facebook's vague status' for attention when they want people to ask. Get outta here with that crap.
  23. mattylikesfilms


    Lol ok, I mean it's not, but ok.
  24. AbsolutePunk

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    Didn't you have some not so flattering opinions about Ryan when they kicked out Ben way back when? I remember reading on the thread when that originally happened you made it sound like the rest of the band (and mostly Ryan) were being complete dicks about the whole thing and you were firmly on "Team Ben". Obviously you learned more about the situation that most of the general public didn't and your opinion changed. I've always wanted to ask you what it was that changed your mind since you are clearly pretty good friends with the rest of the band now. I wish that old forum thread was still around so I could link so what I'm talking about.

    I've read mixed opinions on him but have no first hand experience myself so I have never been in any position to judge. Every video I have ever seen of him with fans has always made him seem like a super chill guy so who knows. Could just be people looking for attention like you said.