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Loyalty To Me – Clash // Coexist

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    New Jersey emo quintet Loyalty To Me have burst onto the scene with their debut EP Clash // Coexist. With vibes and styles that range from pop punk sensibilities of Cartel to the punchy guitars of New Found Glory, this band has made a catchy collection of songs on their introductory record. Led by charismatic vocalist Wil Jackson, Loyalty To Me created a solid mix of alternative rock, emo and pop punk that is sure to give them a loyal following in the months to come. While not covering too much new ground in the scene, they still hone in on their influences and work with their strengths as artists for a pleasing and breezy set of five songs on this EP.

    ”Paint You Blue” opens the album with vocalist Jackson breaking the silence that eventually features the backing band coming into the fold. Jackson harmonizes with backing vocalist/guitarist Devin McGuire with ease, and they trade vocal barbs back and forth on the latter stages of the song.

    ”The Rest” follows the solid opening track with a style reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and Cute is What We Aim For. The hooks that blend from the verses to the chorus are the band’s strong suit, as they recognize how to build up each song into a well-timed crescendo.

    The bouncy third song, “Magenta,” is one of the catchier moments on the EP, and guitarist James Conrad plays off of the pulsating bass riff by Ryan Keller. At the same time, drummer Kevin Castro helps keep everyone on time with plenty of precise percussion.

    ”Layover in London” is a rare, tender moment on the record that slows down the tempo just enough to show a different side of the band. All of this eventually builds up to the explosive first single, “Rewrites,” that showcases what the band is capable of when they are firing on all cylinders. It’s a solid choice of the first single for a band looking for the right spark to gain interest in new music fans. Overall, there is plenty to like on this new EP from Loyalty To Me. I’d like to see how the band uses the strengths shown on this record to improve further their songwriting on subsequent releases.


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