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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by irthesteve, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. irthesteve

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    From Judd Apatow, starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust. Season 1 streaming on Netflix right now, Season 2 currently filming


  2. irthesteve

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    Finished the season up last night and already am hankering for more!

    Usually I have trouble with shows that star unlikable characters, but I feel like both Mickey and Gus both walked the line for me between rooting for them and not liking them. Something about NOT really wanting the main characters to end up together is a bit refreshing. I've always been a big Apatow fan, even his films that people tend not to like, and I really appreciated how this show was seamless between episodes at times, playing out like a long movie.
  3. Wharf Rat

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    I love this show
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  5. SpyKi

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    Like four episodes in and really enjoying it.
  6. bobby_runs

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    I lol'd when someone said they didn't enjoy the show that much because "Gus was an asshole"
  7. Aaron Mook

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    this was amazing and the only thing that kept me from rewatching it was season five of Louie
  8. Wall Of Arms


    I really enjoyed it as a first season. Netflix is strong with these types of shows of late so I'm intrigued to see it build on a good starting block.
  9. Wharf Rat

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  10. bobby_runs

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  11. bobby_runs

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    This is more along the lines of films like "knocked up" "train wreck" and the pseudo knocked up sequel
  12. irthesteve

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    This Is 40
  13. bobby_runs

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    I wanted to say 40 year old virgin but knew that was wrong.
  14. irthesteve

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    Judd loves the number
  15. muttley

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    "You look like a 40 year-old 12 year-old" is the first quote that comes to mind.
  16. morgantayler

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    Bertie is the best. Please put Claudia O'Doherty in more things.
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  17. irthesteve

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    I checked her imdb after to find she was in Trainwreck and I totally don't remember, I gotta watch that movie again.
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  18. bobby_runs

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    She is? As who?
  19. morgantayler

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    She plays one of the women at Kim's baby shower.
  20. Nathan

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    Looking forward to the spin-off show about Bertie and Mike Mitchell.
  21. Aaron Mook

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    Love Trainwreck. Love Mike Mitchell.
  22. falafelmywaffle

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    This show is great, looking forward to more of it in the future.
  23. alina

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    subbin. love love
  24. trevorshmevor

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    Gonna rewatch this over the weekend with my girlfriend because I watched it without her before. Excited to revisit and see what I think of it the second time around.
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  26. wasttingaway


    Really enjoying this show, just finished episode 5 last night.
  27. Deathco_019


    This show is good. It's too bad nobody I personally know is going to watch/enjoy it.