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    The only thing I get mad at is when people misinterpret it and will not listen and understand that they’re wrong.
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  2. So like 70 perfect of people who saw it
  3. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there

    Lol, pretty much. Even as recent as last week, I had a friend say she didn’t like it because they were in purgatory the whole time. I just shook my head and said they were wrong and moved on.
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    I will maintain that this show is not nearly as confusing as people made it out to be. It's just that they answer things so offhandedly. Like I remember people saying they never explained the smoke monster, but yes they did many times, it's the island's security system. Boom that simple. Like I get why that's not a satisfying answer to people, but it's truly just what it is.

    On the sideways things, I've always interpreted it that basically they all moved on to that purgatory type area when they actually died, whether on the island or when they got back from it, and they all basically waited for each other before moving on to the true afterlife or whatever. Which yea since Jack was like the last person to get there, they were in a sense waiting for him, and I think that plays on the man of science/man of faith. It makes sense Jack was the last one cus he was the one who had the most to sort out before he could accept moving on to a spiritual existence. I'm rambling but hopefully that made some sense. I do think it's an interesting idea that we were kind of seeing it from his perspective though, and may definitely be true.

    I'm not doing spoiler tags cus honestly why would you be in this thread if you haven't already seen it.
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    the show ended almost 10 years ago, we don't need spoiler tags haha
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    I mean someone just finished the show today, right?
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    As soon as the scene between Jack and Christian ended before he entered the church I thought to myself, “I bet a lot of people are not gonna understand that super easy to understand scene that explained pretty obviously what this is about” and sure as shit that’s all people were complaining and misinterpreting on comment boards after the finale lol

    Hell, even to this day people are asking what that scene meant and getting the exact opposite of what Christian said, which I find pretty baffling.

    Still my favorite show ever.
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  9. chewbacca110

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    Exactly. The Jack/Christian scene is everything and wraps it up for you and then seeing everyone is just icing to put on top of your tear-filled cake. I fucking BAWLED when I watched the finale.
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    "To remember and to let go"

    fuck those writers for some of the things they've put me through.
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    Cannot believe it’s almost been a decade since it ended. What an experience it was watching this week to week. Not only was it awesome to watch with my friends and family every week, but I loved checking in on AbsolutePunk after every episode to read different theories.

    I spoke with someone recently who really frustrated me. I understand that in art things can be left up to interpretation. With that said, LOST really isn’t one of those things and the ending is incredibly straightforward (and perfect, I might add) and tells you exactly what is happening. But she was like, “I cannot believe they were dead the whole time. So stupid. ” And I was like uhhhhhh, wat. Did we watch the same show? And she refused to believe thay she was incorrect. Christian is literally talking to the audience and reassuring us when he tells Jack, “it was on real.” Like, how do you miss that!?! It genuinely pissed me off lol
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    The fucking music when they are in the church and all hugging each other JESUS FUCK! I want that played at my funeral so everyone can cry extra hard
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    Hurley & Charlie were the two ones that had my heart the most but honorable mentioned go out to Richard and Desmond
    I also had a rly big soft spot for Boone bc he is hot and the only actor I knew before the show (aka: not for his character lol) so I cried when he was back in the finale

    Also, I think it’s kinda pretentious that so many people are acting like people are stupid for “not understanding” or interpreting it differently than you. Personally I’m hella confused and since I watched it in an accelerated way I can 100% say that there is a LOT of shit that doesn’t make sense/ doesn’t get explained well.

    I’m going to be honest on one hand I’m excited to read theories and hear people’s thoughts and opinions but I also know most people hold lost up as this sacred thing that can’t be criticized lol so it’s hard

    I do genuinely wish I had watched ~live~ to be able to discuss theories and really digest things week to week. Binging the show really didn’t allow for much overdissecting between episodes, which is another reason I looked forward to reading about theories and explanations
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    I didn’t see your post so I dunno what that’s referring to. But seeing people talk about the ending just reminded me of the conversation I had with a friend who simply refused to believe the ending could mean anything other than “they were dead the whole time.” It’s just specifically that one detail that I think the show does a good job making sure the audience gets cause otherwise they’d be pissed off. There are a bunch of other things I think the show doesn’t answer so directly or well
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    I dunno if it’s on Netflix but they did release this like 15 epilogue that answers some of the smaller mysteries. I don’t remember exactly what tho
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    Really? Would be interested in this.
    And I didn’t have a post haha and not calling out you just in general the attitude I’ve noticed (not just here but anywhere)

    I tweeted about the show a few times and would tag a few people I knew loved the show including Ryan Mendez from yellowcard.
    I tweeted “There’s a lot of nonsensical things in lost but I think the most nonsensical one is the fact that the man in black just ...doesn’t have a name...” and he was like “what’s nonsensical about that?” And I just???? I replied “the moms just like I sure do love my sons jacob and...the other one...” like it’s so silly/absurd to me

    I think a lot of things people are like “ITS A METAPHOR” and I guess I’m just ~too stupid~ to understand their ~super deep~ metaphors so I need someone to walk me through them lmao
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  17. Dog with a Blog

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    Again, I don’t recall what exactly is in this but it exists so, here

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  18. EASheartsVinyl


    He had a name in the scripts, they just decided to leave it out to add to the mystery of it and make it easier to think of him as something all-encompassing and formless and evil. Definitely a classic bad guy/unloved son trope kind of thing, but I wish they had just gone with it since they do make such a big deal about him being a real person to begin with. Although it has been long enough since I’ve rewatched that I can’t remember if his name is just hidden from the audience or if he specifically doesn’t have one.
  19. supernovagirl

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    How would we know the difference?

    Also thanks @Dog with a Blog definitely gonna watch that later
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    In my brain his name was Isaac lol. Guess that’s a bible thing
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  21. supernovagirl

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    I also don’t know a whole lot about the Bible and feel that there was probably a lot that went over my head for that reason
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    Sorry, Jacob’s brother in the Bible was Esau, the father was Isaac. So I guess that wouldn’t make sense
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  23. EASheartsVinyl


    There’s a difference in something being unknown to the audience and being unknown in-universe. I can’t remember the lines in this well enough off the top of my head, but there are lots of examples in shows of things just remaining unsaid or being cut before we hear them versus being explicitly written as having no name, or whatever the example may be.

    Like a dramatic version of the “faceless” trope in lots of sitcoms. The characters obviously know what those people look like, but they never show the audience as a way to keep a running gag.
  24. Dog with a Blog

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    To be fair, as much as I love LOST, I’m not gonna pretend it’s the best written show. There’s prolly stuff that they just didn’t answer well and not that it went over your head.
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  25. EASheartsVinyl


    Yeah, everyone on the Lost wiki called him Esau for a long time. Lol. Then the casting thing listed him as Samuel and everyone had to go back in and change it, it was such a mess. I guess it wasn’t really in the “script” in a proper sense now that I think about that, but Samuel still gets used a lot. Don’t know if they ever spoke more about the actual name after it ended. My obsessive news checking stopped like a year after it ended....