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Loog Pro & Loog Mini: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guitars

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 16, 2017.

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    Loog Guitars are small, 3-string guitars designed to make it fun and easy for anyone to play music. They come with flashcards and an app that get you playing songs on day one.


  2. cosmickid

    Composer, but never composed.

    Hmmm I can't say I see the necessity. I started playing classical guitar aged 6 with a six-string, and it wasn't particularly hard to grasp with the right tuition. A quick glance at the prices shows that it's a lot more expensive than the first guitar my mother bought me as well. I see some value in the little online lessons if they're a good price, but otherwise seems silly.
  3. Raku


    Interesting concept, but it's lame that they're not offering a model for left handed players.

    I do like the design/idea though, would make good for someone's instrument collection because of how unique it somewhat is overall.
  4. Jakob Allen


    Ok, why not just buy a regular guitar for the same price, and just not play the bottom 3 strings... lol
  5. Ben Lee

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    Will likely buy one of these for my little. He's turning three in June and is obsessed with guitars and all my music equipment.
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