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Long form articles, blogs, podcasts and YouTubers

Discussion in 'Politics Forum' started by lightning, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. lightning


    Hey since the pol thread is full of tweets, let's post links to blogs, articles, podcasts and videos worth reading/listening/watching.

    What do you keep up with?

    Also feel free to promote your own work and features too.
  2. lightning Feb 20, 2018
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  3. EarthShifts


    Love this. I was gonna ask for some podcast recommendation in the General chat but this makes it way easier. Thanks!
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  4. lightning


    Yeah it's just way too busy and not a good place to rec stuff, at least it's easier to navigate and clear up here lol :)

    also tagging @Spencer Control
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  5. OdranWaldo

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  6. OdranWaldo

    Brendan Rodgers Young Team Prestigious

    would rec champagne sharks (on which @Dominick has guested) in terms of podcasts
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  7. lightning


    added to the list ty :D
  8. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    Currently writing on my phone and will come up with an actual list later, but Briahna Gray is a someone I'd recommend following on twitter. She's a contributing editor at Current Affairs and does work for the Week too along with freelance work. She also has a podcast called SWOTI (Something's Wrong on the Internet). It's a mixture of a political/current events and relevant pop culture info.

    NeoliBro Antagonist (@briebriejoy) | Twitter
    The Politics of Shame | Current Affairs
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  9. Malatesta

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  10. Victor Eremita Feb 20, 2018
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    Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening. Supporter

    I am not too active on youtube and podcasts, and don't have twitter, so these are probably pretty random but I enjoy this podcast called Michael and US. It seems like a couple of leftist Canadians started out reviewing Michael Moore movies, and have moved onto other mostly bad movies.
    Michael and Us

    I enjoy Chris Hedges. Can be read here:
    Stories by Chris Hedges

    I was enjoying Under the Skin because I find Russell Brand highly entertaining but recently he's had on some real dirtbags (Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson) and didn't challenged them enough imo:
    Under The Skin Podcast - YouTube

    Surely I enjoy more things than this so I'll be back.

    Also, thanks for making this thread. I'll definitely be checking out the recommendations in here.
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  11. lightning


    @Victor Eremita i pmed u but the way Russell responded to Sam in much of that convo I found atrocious and is the exact liberal parody the rw makes people like him out to be. and is why so many people, ESPECIALLY MENA minorities, hold onto the right wing here as a form of defense. They see people like Russell as a continued threat to their existence, when we've already been through enough.

    Theocracy and genocide is not anti imperialist, it's reactionary. Dismissing its effects gets you more enemies, not allies. the anti imperialist framework through which we are continuously ignored lacks the nuance these people so desperately expect from everyone else.

    (I don't need to be lectured about Sam's ignorance on some of these things. It goes both ways and that's a problem here.)
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  12. lightning


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  13. Nevuk


    I don't use ipod/apple products so I'll use non itunes sources for most of mine. I used to work as a driver, listening to tons of podcasts. I honestly only have two real recommendations that I listen to weekly, but I can give some others and my experience with them.

    Pod Save America is super popular among liberals, as is much of crooked media (their podcast company). PSA is the highlight, topical politics review every couple of days, but some would likely be more interested in their Pod Save the People or Pod Save the World (global affairs podcast). I'm sure they're popular enough that most people in the politics thread listen to them, but may as well list them.
    Pod Save America
    Home | Crooked Media

    I also listen to bilingual news podcast, a half/half english/japanese (one person speaks each language for a discussion about random bits of news). Interesting to get an international/asian perspective on things. One of the most popular podcasts in Japan, might be worth listening if someone is really bored even if they have no Japanese knowledge. (They're a bit too hyped on Elon Musk for me, but eh.)
    バイリンガルニュース (Bilingual News) (podcast)

    Rundown of some other common political podcasts and my opinion on them :
    Political Gabfest - Slate's political gabfest. Mostly only worth listening to for Emily Bazelon.
    FiveThirtyEight Politics - Fivethirtyeight's podcast. Great polling knowledge and analysis, weaker political and cultural analysis.

    Stay Tuned with Preet - Stay Tuned with Preet. Preet Bharara, a former federal prosecutor's show. Unfortunately he does it on thursdays, and most big legal news drops on Fridays, so his legal analysis, while good, is usually well known by the time you hear it. Plus you know, Federal prosecutor.

    On the Media - On the Media. It's kinda silly navelgazing at times, but well produced and occasionally has really good pieces on under represented parts of media.

    KCRW's Left, Right & Center - Left, Right, and Center. It's ... listenable. If I want a conservative view point, I'll listen to this. The issue with it is its primary conceit, having all sides, is very hard when one of the sides is no longer defensible by rational human beings.
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  14. bliss_forever


    Black Agenda Radio
    Citations Needed
    Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff
    Revolutionary Left Radio
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  15. Leftandleaving

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    Been all about citations needed lately. Maybe my favorite podcast tbh
  16. lightning


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  17. lightning


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  18. Malatesta

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  19. lightning


  20. Victor Eremita

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  21. lightning


    Lol I enjoyed the podcast otherwise I wouldn't have posted it haha
  22. lightning


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  25. Grapevine_Twine

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