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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. you vandal


    Hoping for a Strokes after show at the Metro.

    Skipped Lolla altogether last year and just went to the National and Vampire Weekend after shows. Worked out much better for me.
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  2. bradpetrik

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    I did The National last year. Buying the Friday ticket was me ensuring something that weekend before the after shows. I would take a Strokes after show without a doubt.
  3. JaytotheGee

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    Stoked Friday and Saturday got mainly everything I wanted to see
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  4. ItsAndrew


    There acts I want to see every day but I don’t know if I can justify a 4 day pass since some acts I will want to see will probably be during the day on Thursday/Friday when I will be at work.

    I know everyone has different acts they want to see, but I feel they could have put more similar acts on the same day. Like put more of the singer-songwriter women on the same day (Kacey, Maggie, Jade Bird, Japanese Breakfast, Beach Bunny, etc.) instead of have those all spread out.
  5. ComplexDivide7


    Got my Friday
  6. Jim

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    Got a Thursday for the strokes but man what an awful rest of the day
  7. mattfreaksmeout

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    Friday and Sunday are both really really good.

    Friday has: Janelle (presumably into) Childish Gambino which is going to be so awesome. Also Tierra Whack, Bring Me the Horizon, Maggie Rogers, Boy Pablo and Sigrid who I'm all really excited for. On top of that I'd like to see Omar Apollo, Against the Current, Tessa Violet, and Japanese Breakfast. Not even considering Tame Impala going against Childish (and probably Death Cab going against Janelle), the conflicts are going to be brutal.

    Sunday will probably give me the gift of Kacey Musgraves into Ariana Grande and I'm going to lose it. Also has Mitski, as well as some others I'd like to see: San Holo, Roaslia, JID, Sharon Van Etten, Joji, Sandy Alex G.

    At first I was more excited for Saturday than Thursday, but looking at it closer, I'm just more excited because of twenty one pilots. Thursday's got Hozier, HER, Fitz, FKJ, Saba, Normani, Hayley Kiyoko, and Beach Bunny which should all be fun. Saturday has Lil Wayne, Smino, Pink Sweat$, and Ruston Kelley but nothing that has me quite as hyped.
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  8. Cmoney86


    Schedule coming tomorrow in the lolla app
  9. bradpetrik

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    The Saturday schedule is fucking rough for me. Janelle Monae and Death Cab overlapping is painful.

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    Surprisingly, there isn't a single conflict on Sunday sooooooooo I might look into going for Kacey Musgraves, while also seeing Ariana, Denzel, Joji, J.I.D., etc.
  11. mattfreaksmeout

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    My biggest issues are BMTH vs. Childish vs. Tame Impala. One of those festival situations where I may end up at the artist I listen to the least (Childish) because I’ve seen both the others multiple times. I also may split the time between Childish and BMTH or even just go full BMTH. Idk we’ll see I guess may just see how I’m feeling that day.

    And then I’m also mad Mitski is smushed between Kacey and Ariana cus it’s gonna make finding my spot for Ariana harder but i won’t miss Mitski so.

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    If you’ve never seen Childish, skipping him for BMTH would be a mistake. And I really like BMTH.
  13. mattfreaksmeout

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    No I know lol I just wish they didn’t always get stuck closing out side stages at these fears, cus it happens at Riot too.
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  14. ItsAndrew


  15. ItsAndrew May 22, 2019
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    Looks like aftershows are being announced tomorrow or very soon. Lincoln Hall aftershows were leaked and are:

    7/31: Lennon Stella
    8/1: Idles/A Place To Bury Strangers
    8/2: Japanese Breakfast
    8/3: Sharon Van Etten/DEHD
  16. atlas


    Beach Bunny are on a v cool aftershow with an artist on the top 1/4th of the card
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  17. ItsAndrew


    I sent you a message!
  18. maryp1603


    This has me HYPE.
  19. Phil507

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  20. Cmoney86


    aftershows coming tuesday
  21. Cmoney86


  22. MexicanGuitars

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    J Brekkie at Lincoln Hall looks absolutely dope. Also Arkells would be a good one
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  23. JaytotheGee

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    Might come in a day early now for that BMTH show
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  24. troyplaysbass

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    Death Cab/Beach Bunny at the Metro is so awesome.
  25. ItsAndrew


    I’m going to try and get tickets to that. They’re $46 before fees but I don’t even care.