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Living With Perfect Pitch and Synaesthesia

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 27, 2019.

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    LJ Rich, writing on her blog:

    Now, I’d like you to imagine you’re chatting with your conversation partner. But instead of speaking and hearing the words alone, each syllable they utter has a note, sometimes more than one. They speak in tunes and I can sing back their melody. Once I know them a little bit, I can play along to their words as they speak them, accompanying them on the piano as if they’re singing an operatic recitative. They drop a glass on the floor, it plays a particular melody as it hits the tiles. I’ll play that melody back – on a piano, on anything. I can accompany that melody with harmony, chords – or perhaps compose a variation on that melody – develop it into a stupendous symphony filled with strings, or play it back in the style of Chopin, Debussy or Bob Marley. That car horn beeps an F major chord, this kettle’s in A flat, some bedside lights get thrown out because they are out of tune with other appliances. I can play along to every song on the radio whether or not I’ve heard it before, the chord progressions as open to me as if I had the sheet music in front of me. I can play other songs with the same chords and fit them with the song being played. Those bath taps squeak in E, this person sneezes in E flat. That printer’s in D mostly. The microwave is in the same key as the washing machine.

    This is from a few years back, but I just came across it and found it fascinating.

  2. itsallabouttheg


    That was a fascinating read. It must be a beautiful way to move through the world.

    However, I gotta say it... it's her blog (LJ = Laura-Jane).
  3. Fuck. My fault. Will fix ASAP.
  4. surgerone

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    Beautiful, and probably overwhelming at times. I'm jealous of how clearly the author says they hear the musical tone of the world around them (like lakes and trees in major keys??)
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  5. heymynameisjoe

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    great read. thanks for sharing.