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Literally Just a Big List of Facebook’s 2018 Scandals

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 20, 2018.

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    If you thought 2018 was tough for you, imagine being a staffer in Facebook’s public relations department. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began the year by pledging to fix the company’s problems, but instead 2018 turned into 12 months of mea culpas, self-inflicted scandals, and screwups.

  2. Ska Senanake


    Lol fuck Mark Zuckerberg
  3. Sean Murphy

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    logged into FB last night and they started trying to ask me for my phone number again and i thought "maybe not the best day for this FB...".
  4. Eml182


    Ehh, there has been a bit of a pile on for big tech. That last article about sharing data is so misconstrued - the NYT does the same f'ing thing. If you ever used spotify to send messages via FB back in the day, the tech requires that you have access to messages. It's not that spotify is going in and reading them, but technically speaking, they have to have access to your messaging interface for you to send messages. There is a bit of a witch hunt. Not saying they should be absolved of everything, but they are going for death by 1,000 cuts vs. actually trying to help fix an issue with digital transparency.
  5. scottlechowicz

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    I can’t imagine being alive the last two years and seeing Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as anything other than paragons of villainy deserving of all manners of scorn and ridicule.
  6. It truly melts the mind to think otherwise. To read all of the stories, the cover-ups, some truly disgusting (and probably illegal) shit going on, the privacy breaches ... and think "witch hunt!" ... melts my brain. At this point the company should be broken up, not defended.
  7. DandonTRJ

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    I honestly would not mind if Facebook simply jettisoned 90% of its features, particularly deleting the concept of pages and groups (the primary breeding grounds for misinformation). I don't need Facebook to be anything other than a way to keep up with friends. In fact, nobody does, and as soon as Facebook tried to be more than that, they opened up a completely unnecessary Pandora's box.
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  8. The Black Parade

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  9. bachna84

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  10. Eml182


    So when was sold to SpinMedia to be part of an ad network, you had to share profile data with said ad network to build out contextual targets. You would be fine with an article that said shared users information with advertisers without their consent? Of course not because “that’s not how it went down”, but that apparently doesn’t matter if someone reports it and people believe it.

    There are a lot of things wrong with big tech and Facebook for sure, but the media companies reporting on these stories also have lost hundreds of millions in revenue to big media. These are headline clickbait stories to pile on to drive page views. Case in point, NYT uploads their subscriber data to google and FB to sell them more shit, then tries to get advertisers to buy ads on the new york times to then re-target them on google and facebook to their customer database. It’s all a circus of double standards.
  11. Nope. Never shared any of the profile data with anyone.

    No, I'd not be fine with that because it literally didn't happen and it would be completely made up.

    Just ... making something up to try and prove a point is weird. It being nothing remotely like what Facebook has been caught doing over the past three years is even stranger.
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  12. I find it funny that someone would think SpinMedia was competent enough to even think of using actual profile information to sell ads in the first place. :crylaugh: Even funnier to think the database structure I wrote at 15 would have been usable. :rotfl::rotfl:
  13. Eml182


    But it's not completely made up. You literally sold your community to an ad company that builds audiences off of the data they own that you sold them, and then re-targets them around the web! There is nothing wrong with that - that's how the internet works, but it's as if all of the sudden certain media companies are outraged by it because it's a pile on.

    NYT is hoping that you don't know how tech integrations worked 3 years ago - all of the cool shit people want to do just doesn't happen by building a blind v. blind link. You have to share data, tech, and API's. The processes have gotten so much better the last few years which is why companies don't do complete sharing like they used to. However, NYT is going in and calling this a scandal when this was SOP to be able to have all of the emerging platforms tech talk to eachother. It's ridiculous.
  14. Eml182


    Did they place cookies on your pages? YES! Did they have access to the profile information? YES! Does it matter that they didn't use the profile info? Apparently NOT because Spotify wasn't using messenger conversations, they just had ACCESS to them. That's good enough to make it bad, right???
  15. Ok, now I'm just going to get annoyed. Given that I was the one that actually knows what the fuck happened, and you know absolutely nothing, how about we stop with telling me what went on?

    Wrong. You have no clue what you're talking about.
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  16. I personally wrote the fucking code. No, they did not.
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  17. Not only are you defending all this, you're now telling me ... the single person that wrote every line of code on that website ... what was on it and how it worked and what it had access to ... and are somehow equating this to what Facebook's been caught doing. Now I'm just mad at how absurd this has become.
  18. St. Nate

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    That McDonalds ad was totally targeted towards me.
  19. Your fault for not writing about Burger King in your PMs I was data-mining more often.
  20. Kingjohn_654

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    Yo. I need FB groups for Archie fan groups.
  21. DesolateEarth


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  22. irthesteve

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    I don't understand, if SpinMedia didn't have my social security number that I gave Jason, then how did I get that ad for Taking Back Sunday, a band that I LIKE??????
  23. joey-wan kenobi

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    Keep seeing Facebook ads on the site and it made me laugh a tiny bit..
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  24. snaps

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    You’re telling me this wasn’t target towards me. :ok:

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  25. Sold your email domain name did it work