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Linkin Park Perform on Corden

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 28, 2017.

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  2. johnthegawd


    No bueno
  3. slimfenix182


  4. Crisp X

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    This is really great. People have always been too harsh on Linkin Park anyway especially those who abhor pop music. This suits them so well, and sounds like a 2017 version of the stuff they did on Minutes On Midnight. Derivative maybe, but much like their entire discography. They've never been a highly innovative band. And for once, it's cool to hear Chester not struggle with some parts, like he now does on the metal oriented songs. The performances for The Hunting Party were painful to watch. He just can't do it that well anymore.
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  5. RoKKeR

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    ...still very bad. Ah well.
  6. Larry David

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    Good performance of a bad song
  7. sdub


    I am convinced that since everybody here loathes this song it will end up being a huge hit. I love me some edgier LP, but this song is catchy and fits them well.
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  8. ConArdist

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    They reverted so much after the last album was actually tolerable.
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  9. Bayside 182

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    Our Last Night already covered this song (amazingly fast) and I like it better than the Linkin Park version
  10. Crisp X

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    Meh, their covers all sound the same, though I listen to them often.
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  11. disambigujason

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    almost everything to me since M2M sounds like a genre-hopping mess but on its own i think this song is solid. good background music at the least.
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  12. farva2


    I didn't like the song at first but it's really grown on me. I love that they always try out a new sound on each album, even if it doesn't always work out too well
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  13. macbethfan

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    Yeah, I thought that last album was garbage for the most part. They got freaking Tom Morello on a song and didn't utilize him to his fullest potential AT ALL. I liked a few of the songs, but the vocals were cringeworthy. Chester just can't hit those screaming notes anymore. He can still sing at a high octave, just not screaming. I appreciate their effort after the mediocrity of "Living Things", but I'm actually looking forward to this album. "A Thousand Suns" was their last album I truly enjoyed. It was their "Kid A" moment in my opinion.
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  14. Crisp X

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    Yeah, I'm surprised they still haven't started playing their older songs in a lower key or let the other members scream some parts, I'm sure the guitarist could fill it in.
  15. Damien Davies Mar 1, 2017
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    Damien Davies

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    As much as I hate the song, you can't deny how good Chester sounds.

    My friends doesn't really like Linkin Park but was given tickets to see them live, and says they're one of the best bands he's ever experienced in a live format..
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  16. disambigujason

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    i've seen LP twice, once in 2006 and again a couple years ago. the more recent show just felt like they tried to rush through every hit. the show looked really cool but it was in that moment i started to appreciate the art of setlist building.
  17. Davjs


    Whether you like or hate the song, this was such a good performance. Didn't know they could pull it off live so well!
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