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Linkin Park’s New Album Coming in May

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Linkin Park’s new album, One More Light, will be out on May 19th.

    Track Listing

    1. Nobody Can Save Me
    2. Good Goodbye
    3. Talking to Myself
    4. Battle Symphony
    5. Invisible
    6. Heavy
    7. Sorry For Now
    8. Halfway Right
    9. One More Light
    10. Sharp Edges

  2. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    After that single I'm really not excited.
  3. Hazelnutsack


  4. IATAvalanche


    Bingo. That single sucked.
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  5. CMilliken


    Will stream it but not as excited as I could have been for a new album by them.
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  6. RoKKeR

    The Fly

    Really did not like Heavy. I'll still give the album a shot but I'm not terribly excited. At least we got Hunting Party two years ago.

    Went and listened to Waiting For The End again though and everything is good now. Damn I love that song.
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  7. Schooner


    Just give me One More Guitar please LP
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  8. Joshua Diaz


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  9. cosmickid

    Composer, but never composed.

    Hahaha this is great
  10. Tim

    grateful all the fucking time Supporter

    I'm always down for a new Linkin Park album. They almost always successfully reinvent themselves in a way that makes each album special, while still always catering just enough to my nostalgia. The only time I've ever been disappointed with them is Living Things, and that album still has a couple songs I like revisiting.

    I don't love "Heavy" like I wish I did, but I've for years wondered what next-level-poppy LP would sound like, so I'm glad that itch is being scratched. (I've for years imagined a song similar to "Heavy" in style, but with Drake vocals, lol. I still hope that happens someday 'cause, like, why not.)
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  11. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    The Hunting Party disappointed me immensely. Felt forced and half baked to me.
  12. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I liked it a lot at first, but it didn't last long for me at all. I still think a couple songs are really good but I almost never go back to the album.
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  13. Tim

    grateful all the fucking time Supporter

    See, I still love The Hunting Party. It was a great way to revisit the past without actually revisiting the past. I get why some people wouldn't dig it, but if I crave heavy LP, it's the first album I go to.

    The Hunting Party, Reanimation, Minutes to Midnight, and A Thousand Suns are all my favorite album from them, in an order that varies depending on my mood. Second tier are the two albums I grew up with, and then Living Things is their one "dud." (Though, "Burn It Down" is a fun jam, and "I'll Be Gone" is really cool.)
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  14. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I hope Mike is featured on this album more than Chester. Mike is my preferred singer of this band and I wish there was more of him. ATS was pretty even on this front, but THP was heavily skewed in Chester's favor.
  15. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    We're on two different wavelengths haha. I think Living Things is in the upper tier, while the only songs from THP I still want to listen to are the first two and last two tracks.
  16. Dean

    Trusted Prestigious

    Yeah, I'm not wild about Heavy in particular but I feel like at least theoretically they have a decent album along these lines in them, so I'm still curious.
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  17. Tim

    grateful all the fucking time Supporter

    Living Things just feels like the closest thing to a vanilla LP album to me, lol. It's not particularly heavy, poppy, hip hop-flavored, weird, etc. It's just a basic, middle-of-the-road Linkin Park sound.

    First two and last two? What about "Rebellion"!? That's probably my favorite song on the album. "Guilty All the Same" is a jam, too.
  18. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Yeah, I think I'd agree with that, but I also think Living Things has some of their strongest songwriting despite being fairly middle of the round sounding. As for Rebellion and Guilty All the Same, I wasn't even a huge fan of those when they were released before the album, to be honest.
  19. Schooner


    Bloody LOVED Lost In the Echo, burn it down, on Living Things, castle of glass

    Also have good memories of smashing that album all Croatia boat trip. Good times. so that may also be why I have such good memories of it. But Lost In Echo is a top5 LP for me
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  20. Schooner


  21. Jackbo487


    upon hearing Heavy, I felt pretty let down. BUT, then I remembered how...dull and uninspired their attempts at 'going back to hard-rock!' sounded on the Hunting Party and parts of Living Things, so, maybe this new poppy approach may be good?

    Just seems like their "OK let's do some rock songs again!" comes across as a bit forced sometimes.
  22. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. I would't hesitate at all from saying Living Things is their best work. Funny. But I'd also easily argue that Minutes to Midnight is their worst, so I guess our tastes/views are totally topsy-turvy
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  23. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Minutes to Midnight is their best. Haha. I'm so far from both of you on this.
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  24. Behind the Barricade

    There are a lot of jams on M2M! It's my 3rd favorite (behind Meteora and ATS) but it's probably their only album where there's no real filler. Each song (not including Wake) could've been a single from that album. I still think No More Sorrow could've been a huge mainstream rock song if it was pushed but oh well.
  25. Tim

    grateful all the fucking time Supporter

    lol, weird. Who knew so many people liked Living Things so much? It's not bad or anything, but it's just kinda... there.

    Man, I love Minutes to Midnight (in spite of the relative lack of Mike Shinoda). "Bleed It Out" might be my favorite song of theirs, and the blatant U2 worship of "Shadow of the Day" is also great. I'm really into the deeper cuts on there, too.