Liner Notes (January 18th, 2019)

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    I cut the tip of my finger while cooking dinner the night before I sit down and type the most I do all week. That was some brilliant work on my part. In this week’s roundup, I offer brief early thoughts on the new PUP record, pontificate about Blink-182 working with The Chainsmokers, re-listen to The Ataris and Zebrahead, and go through the rest of my musical diet from the past week. The entertainment roundup is mostly thoughts on more Batman comic books and needing a little break from overly dramatic movies after last week. The supporter Q&A post can be found here.

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  2. Former Planets

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    I still have to re-login every time to see these..... fix it pweeease
  3. Is your browser accepting cookies? The cookies definitely should be lasting longer than a week.
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    Phone, iPad, home computer, work computer, same result everywhere.
  5. What do you mean by same result?

    If you login right now, when you check next week, it's logged out? The login tokens don't expire for something like 6 months. So as long as you're not using a content blocker or something to block the cookies when you login, or logging out from the forums (which logs you out everywhere), you shouldn't have to login again for a very long time.

    Try logging out from the forums, and then logging back in. That'll reset everything and set the token.
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    Not just when I check next week, if I exit the page and come back a minute later I have to log in again. Don’t have any issues like this on any other site. It’s very strange.
  7. That is probably an issue with your browser settings or some kind of content blocker. That’s super weird and I can’t duplicate that at all. Do you have any ad blockers running? What browser? OS? Incognito mode? VPN? Any other info you could give me would help. Cause that definitely shouldn’t be happening and I haven’t seen or heard of it doing that.
  8. Former Planets

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    Weird. I’ll have to dig into my chrome settings and see if there’s something strange enabled