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Limited Edition Pride Logo Version of Merch

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Today I’m excited to launch a special limited edition collection of Pride Merch. I’ve created a new LGBTQ+ pride rainbow version of the logo and it’s up on a variety of t-shirts, tanks, v-necks, hoodies, mugs, and more.

    I don’t make much money from the merch shop (like $3-$4 per shirt), but for the rest of this month I’m going to donate 82% of what I do make from the entire store (not just this collection) to LGBTQ+ organizations and charities.1

    All the merch comes in variety of t-shirt sizes, colors, and types (if you’re curious about the brand of t-shirts printed on, you can find that information here).


    Check out the shop here.

    Sidenote: I know the mugs look strange on the shop, I’ve reached out to Threadless about how they render the designs on their mugs because they look squished even when they’re not in the backend or printed. If there’s an issue with your order you can email them and they’ll make sure it gets taken care of.

    1. I’m not sure which ones yet, I’m still doing some research. Reach out if you have suggestions.

  2. tyramail

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    You rule Jason.
  3. :praise::rainbow:
  4. Omni



    Very cool of you to do this. The pride version of the Chorus logo looks great.
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  5. Thanks! Super happy with how it came out after many iterations that did not look right. :crylaugh:
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  6. JamesMichael

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    Really dig the pride Chorus logo! Well done Jason.
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  7. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

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  8. CyberInferno

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    Donate 82%...a not-so-subtle blink-182 reference?
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  9. SuNDaYSTaR


    Amazing initiative, Jason.
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  10. kelseyleigh

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  11. mrenkens007

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  12. gmurdak


    this is so awesome! do you know of any bands that are doing something similar or have also created shirts?
  13. tyramail

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    Anthony Green’s company Little Gods have one.

  14. All Time Low released a shirt too. I haven't been keeping track of all of them though.
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  15. Tata Toothy


    Not gonna lie this is one of the best pride shirts/logos I’ve ever seen.
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  16. conti_in_stereo


    scooped up a baseball tee. This logo is fantastic!
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  17. macbethfan

    Regular Supporter

    Just curious, how long do we have to order from this? End of June?

    Fantastic design btw. Very good use of colors for the Pride logo!
  18. Probably at least until first week or so of July.
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  19. My sweatshirt came and I love it.
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  20. conti_in_stereo


    Saw that actually, looks comfortable as all hell. Almost grabbed on of those too. Can't wait for it to come in.
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