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LGBT & Queer rebels - official Spotify playlist - help me curate it!

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by akkeri, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. akkeri


    Hey everyone! I'm curating an official/authorized playlist on Spotify on behalf of The Equality Campaign, an Australian not-for-profit. I'd love your feedback :)

    The playlist aims to shine a light on 'alternative' queer artists around the world and provide a counterpoint to the very commercial LGBT playlists that Spotify currently has.

    Even if you identify as straight/cis, there's a lot of really innovative outsider music on here that I think you'd enjoy.

    Here it is:

    LGBT & Queer rebels, a playlist by The Equality Campaign on Spotify

    I'm going to be updating the playlist every couple of days, so please subscribe if you're keen for new tunes.

    I'd also love suggestions for LGBT artists that I can add in the days and weeks ahead. Anything goes in terms of genre, although there's very little punk/hc/emo at the moment, and I'm also hoping to add more music by POC.

    Thanks for listening :)
  2. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    I want your stupid love Supporter

    Peaches is the first artist that comes to mind to add
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  3. akkeri


    Ah yes, how could I forget Peaches?!
  4. Eclipse


    I'd recommend Aye Nako (if you want a song recommendation of theirs as well, "Maybe she's bored with it") and Hit like A Girl (they also have a cool charity organization called No More Dysphoria),
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  5. akkeri


    Awesome suggestions! I'll add them both to tonight's update!
  6. akkeri


    Just added Aye Nako, others to follow :)
  7. akkeri


    Hey, thanks!

    I made a decision not to add Tyler because he's not formally out, and some of those early lyrics (while understandable) were problematic. I still feel quite conflicted about him TBH.

    Cakes, Young MA, Mykki – yes, yes, yes.

    Has Brian Molko ever made a definitive statement his orientation?
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  8. akkeri


    Thanks for that – it's an interesting read. I shall add Placebo! A few of their tracks bring back some pretty strong memories for me.
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  9. Hayley P


    serpentwithfeet!!!!! His new album is soooo good
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  10. Elder Lightning

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  11. stars143


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  12. Hayley P


    Cupcakke, Young MA, Princess Nokia
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  13. akkeri


    He's on there! The new album is great.
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  14. lostawholeyear

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    Stoked to see King Princess on there. Talia is my jam.
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  15. akkeri


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  17. nohandstoholdonto

    problem addict Prestigious

    I’m a trans woman and I played guitar in the band Mineral Girls, so if you’re open to adding music from members of this site I’d be honored for us to be included.
  18. akkeri


    I'm going to update the playlist later today and I'll definitely check out your stuff! Thanks :)
  19. figureitout


    Lots of good stuff on here and plenty more I'm looking forward to checking out. The first artists that came to mind that I don't see on here are Jenny Owen Youngs, Ladyhawke, Uh Huh Her, The Organ, Le Tigre, and Rebel and a Basketcase.
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  20. akkeri


    Awesome, thanks so much! I'll be updating again today or tomorrow.
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  21. Jake W

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  22. akkeri


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  23. Jake W

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  24. marioeatworld

    Keep on moving. Busy street.

    this song is really important to me

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