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Letlive. Release a Making Of Documentary

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 16, 2016.

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  2. carlosonthedrums Jun 16, 2016
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    Yeah, this was terrific. It's always great to hear Jason elucidate his ideas and inspirations at length, but it was interesting to see what a challenging ordeal it was for the rest of the guys as well. If I have one slight disappointment regarding this record, it's that it's their first with Loni on drums and he didn't get to let his insane chops fly, but it makes sense considering the kind of songs they put together.

    Long live ll.
  3. teebs41

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  4. kevincomplains


    pretty awesome to see where the album came from
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  5. Typically speaking? Glassjaw and Every Time I Die are the two comparisons that come to mind. But the album is much, much different than the last two. A lot less screaming and a lot more indie-rock/rock and roll influences with singing.

    A lot of longtime fans are disappointed, but I really enjoy it, haha.
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  6. garyoso

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    This reminds me of the time thrice released Vhessiu. I hated that album for an entire month before I gave it a listen. I couldn't believe this was the same band that released 'The Artist In The Ambulance'. Luckily, I have a select few friends that were praising the entire thing, and I decided to give it another listen. I stopped expecting the sound I was used to, and focused on the project itself. I see so many people in this community say how bland and uninspired this record is. Nowadays, I don't do that anymore. On the first listen I knew "well this is different". On my second listen, I decided to not pay attention to everything letlive was before this album, and treated it like an entirely new band. I fell in love with this record. It's definitely not a perfect record, but I love enough of it to know that something amazing, and very important (lyrics! pay attention! the bigger picture!) was at work here.

    I've always tried to show letlive to friends who weren't into heavier things, and this album is the one I can say will grasp a bigger audience that seeks something a lot more mindful. I'm glad fake history was released, I'm glad the blackest beautiful progressed their sound, but it brings me joy to know that there's more to this band than just a few post hardcore/punk tracks.

    This doc was awesome.