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letlive. – “Good Mourning, America”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. peoplearepoison

    It’s a perfect day for letting go... Supporter

    Production is SO much better. I didn't love that chorus. Still really excited for this release!
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  3. JamesMichael

    Software Engineer Prestigious

    Production is definitely tighter. Wasn't blown away by the song and I'm not big on those chanting introductions.
  4. Sander


    Wow i like this even less than the Blackest Beautiful.
  5. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Great track, looking forward to the record. Better production than Blackest Beautiful
  6. sawhney[rusted]

    luv is blind

    I can't listen til after work but it seems that my fears for this album have been confirmed :verysad:
  7. NotBruce Apr 6, 2016
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  8. This is going to be reeeaaally good. I loved the Blackest Beautiful, and I think they're going to top that one
  9. this song did nothing for me
  10. MFA

    See you in hell, or see you when I see you. Prestigious

    I really like this. Chorus is great and I love the bridge
  11. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    Some interesting elements going on here, but overall wasn't really into the song.

    Got some Motley Crue vibes in the chorus.
  12. carlosonthedrums

    Cooler than a polar bear's toenails Prestigious

    I dig it. I feel like these guys are gonna save the best for the rest of the record, though. Stoked to hear everything Loniel brings to the table.
  13. robhatt


    not big on this single at all. will still preorder and hope for the best tho
  14. tigereatsapple


    I too feel like it did nothing for me. Its not refreshing, but rather just another decent song from these guys.
  15. SamLevi11

    Trusted Prestigious

    Song was alright, felt very safe. Hoping for something a little more chaotic or less predictable for the album though.
  16. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Enjoyed it on the first listen, but not sure how much I'd revisit so far.
  17. Iago

    forbidden chalice.

    I like some of the elements on this but nothing super impressive. I'm sure I'll listen to the full album. Hope something grabs me as much as "27 Club" did.
  18. I like it. Not blown away but I'm very hopeful.
  19. falconate

    Open your closed mind. Prestigious

    I'm surprised more people aren't into this, I loved it immediately. Production is WAY cleaner but it still rocks super hard. And I always love it when Jason goes full MJ
  20. Production is way better, but it seems like the songwriting took a hit. I'll check this out but my expectations are v low.
  21. bristphili


    this song isn't 10/10. but if there's a band i have full faith in to deliver, it's letlive.
  22. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    Damn. I'm actually surprised at all of the negative-ish reaction that this is getting...I thoroughly enjoyed this... Oh well...
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  23. Kristen


    Basically how I feel
  24. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    Much more of a pop song than I expected from them. Way better single than Banshee (Ghost Fame) though, for sure
  25. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    That was a pretty good track but nothing more, maybe I'm gonna appreciate it better within the context of the record.