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Less Than Jake / Four Year Strong / Direct Hit! / Bearings Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by JaytotheGee, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. JaytotheGee

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  2. JaytotheGee

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    See ya in Columbus!
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  3. btr

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    Four Year Strong will be playing Rise or Die Trying in full at the Montreal and Toronto dates. These are the last two full album shows and the only ones on this tour.
  4. JaytotheGee

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    And on the rest of the tour they will play the exact same recycled setlist they've been playing since the new album came out lol
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  5. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    I'll be at the Montreal date. Excited to finally see RODT in full, the rest of the lineup is fantastic too. Gonna be a good one.
  6. marsvoltamcr


    This is a good lineup
  7. m32137


    I'll be at the Jax date for sure.
  8. GEM37

    She haunts the roads

    And the gauntlet of great tours not even scraping the West Coast begins again... *sigh*
  9. Shrek

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    i have < 0% interest in ever seeing FYS again, it's a deterrent at this point. rest of the bill is great.

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Columbus being on a Saturday bodes well for me being able to go, but seeing how it seems likely Less Than Jake and Four Year Strong (and maybe even the support bands) are probably going to do Warped, I might just wait for that. Still though, this would be a lot of fun.
  11. JaytotheGee Nov 28, 2017
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    I'd count Direct Hit out for Warped. They only do a week or two here and there with their jobs/family

    Bearings probably. Seems like they're the next overly generic pop punk band to try and get a push
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  12. Emokid79


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  13. Would not be surprised if FYS have a new single out by this tour. I know they've been working on new stuff.
  14. JaytotheGee

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    Starts tonight
  15. m32137


    Kinda. FYS doesn’t start playing until Monday in Jax. I’m gonna there and I can’t wait.
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  16. SkyGrowsBigger


    Setlists would be amazing from anyone going tonight!
  17. JaytotheGee

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    Ahhh I'm so stoked for my date
  18. Emokid79


    are you going to the Columbus date?
  19. JaytotheGee

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  20. m32137 Feb 12, 2018
    (Last edited: Feb 12, 2018)


    6:30 Doors
    7:00-7:30 Bearings
    7:50-8:20 Direct Hit
    8:45-9:35 FYS
    9:55-11:05 LTJ


    We All Float
    Heroes Get Remembered
    Who Cares?
    What’s In The Box
    Go Down In History
    Stuck In The Middle
    Find My Way Back
    One Step At A Time
    It Must Suck
    Wasting Time
  21. Rootradical


    Do you have LTJ?
  22. m32137


    No, but I do remember a bunch of what was played

    (incomplete and out of order)

    Ghosts Of Me And You
    Look What Happened
    The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
    Bomb Drop
    Johnny Quest
    How's My Driving
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  23. JaytotheGee

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    Damn FYS literally is the most predictable band lol Saturday is cool though they haven't done that in awhile
  24. JaytotheGee

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    Need to see the full LTJ set!
  25. red8ge


    fys need to bring back the mid "beatdown in the key of happy" nu-metal covers