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Laura Jane Grace Announces Book Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

    Your friendly little forum bot. Staff Member

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    Laura Jane Grace has announced a tour for her upcoming book. Dates can be found below.

    11/19 Miami Book Fair International Miami, FL
    11/20 Fifth and Thomas Tallahassee, FL
    11/21 Literati Bookstore Ann Arbor, MI
    11/29 The Booksmith San Francisco, CA
    11/30 Book Soup West Hollywood, CA
    12/1 Barnes & Noble Santa Monica, CA
    12/2 Women & Children First Chicago, IL

  2. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    No Powell's!?! Bummer.
  3. Osceola13

    Bringin the ruckus

    So awesome she's finally going back to Tallahassee, I was at the show the night she was arrested and I know they've avoided playing there since then.

    There's also a date on 11/15 at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.
  4. smowashere

    Trusted Supporter

    See you in Ann Arbor! So cool!
  5. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    Women & Children First is like five minutes walking from where I live. Gotta go see LJG

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Really hoping I can make it to Ann Arbor! It being on a Monday is a little tough, as I might have a new job by that point, but I really want to do this. I'd love to meet Laura - I wonder if people can bring in other stuff to get signed?
  7. paythetab

    Chorus.FM Album Reviewer (Adam Grundy) Supporter

    There are a few other dates included on the Against Me Facebook page:

    11/15 - Word Bookstore and Noisey Present: Going Off Track Live At The Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Brooklyn, NY
    11/18 - Politics & Prose: Washington D.C.
    11/19 - Miami Book Fair International: Miami, FL
    11/20 - Fifth and Thomas: Tallahassee, FL
    11/21 - Literati Bookstore: Ann Arbor, MI
    11/29 - The Booksmith: San Francisco, CA
    11/30 - Book Soup: West Hollywood, CA
    12/1 - Barnes & Noble: Santa Monica, CA
    12/2 - Women & Children First: Chicago, IL