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    Well I forgot youtube videos embed when you link them and I went back and hyperlinked a few but got lazy so #oops sorry
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    somehow when Spanish version of songs came up I forgot about Xtina doing both me and @Kiana a disservice

    naturally I've been thinking a lot about Come On Over recently
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    That album was a jam

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    Lately I've had Frankie J's "Obsession" in my head. That's all I gotta report for this thread.
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    subbing because @Kiana blessed me with that good good music.

    I'll have to add this stuff to a playlist for later.
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  6. Kiana Aug 15, 2016
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    This bump is about bands! I tend to go on about the same solo artists so I'm trying to mix it up with a different group of bands. Imma remember to link the videos this time to save browsers!! Again this is a small snippet of what's out there, like a lil FAQ/primer! As always, feel free to talk about ur faves

    1. Jesse and Joy - Pop band formed by siblings Jesse and Joy! They slay pretty hard and have seen a lot of success! Their song was used in the novela Las Tontas No Van al Cielo that starred Jaime Camil and they've been nominated for and have won a few Latin Grammys and their albums are all platinum and stuff!

    2. Mana - I mean, what can you even say about Maná? They might not be my fave but they are massive. They are one of the most successful Latin American bands of all time with 4 Grammys, 8 Latin Grammys, and over 40 million records sold.

    3. Morat - Morat are kinda like a folksy pop band from Colombia. ngl they have this sort of pleasant catchy 'belong in an Apple commercial' vibe going on. It's cute and fun. They got a lot of attention for their song Mi Nuevo Vicio with superstar Paulina Rubio

    4. Gente de Zona - idek what to say about Gente de Zona except anything they release is pretty much guaranteed to be so much fun. Anytime I hear that signature "Gente de Zoooooooooooona" I know we're in for it! They broke out internationally on their hit song Bailando with Enrique

    5. Zigmat - They aren't even together anymore but idc. They were an electronic indie band from NYC fronted by Monica Lionheart. Zigmat disbanded in 2010 after two full-lengths
  7. Chassi

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    Really into Luis Miguel's Romance trilogy recently. Been my soundtrack to the summer.

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    RIP Juan Gabriel :verysad:
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    The ultimate showman. Very upsetting
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  10. Inna Selez


    Sorry folks, I couldn't not to post Natalia in this thread!!!
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    Bumping this thread cause why not? Some new stuff has come out and I don't think I've posted about it. My qualifier for "new" is... stuff that happened since the last time this thread was bumped.

    1. Shaki feat Maluma - Chantaje. idk why Shaki decided to bless Pretty Boy with her presence but it's a jam so who am I to question it

    2. Nicky Jam - No Te Vayas. Nicky Jam released an album and honestly I haven't given it many listens but it has some jams. El Amante is prob the more obvious choice to post but let me live a lil

    3. Enrique Iglesias - Subeme la Radio. Enrique decided to release a song that sounds like his last few except not as good, so that's an interesting choice. But I can still mess with it. Also he managed to find a woman out of his league cause the girl in that vid is gorgeous! #Jealous

    4. Prince Royce, Shakira - Deja Vu. Let me tell you, I've never had my hype crushed so hard as I did when Prince Royce announced his tracklist on twitter, just to see it had a Chris Brown feature. Like I'm not surprised because he's so desperately thirsty for mainstream fame and he seems like an fboy to the max, but boo whhhhy.

    5. Becky G - Todo Cambio. Becky G is signed to Dr. Luke's label so #FreeBeckyG. I was always pretty indifferent to her but her Power Latina playlist on Spotify is pretty cute and she won me over tbh

    Honorable mentions: Ricky Martin - Vente Pa' Ca, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee - Despacito, Aymee Nuviola - Rumba de la Buena
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    Thanks for bumping this thread @Kiana I had no idea it existed and I'm so ready to be the bossa nova/MPB authority if need be. I can even throw in some forró cause it's traditional (even though I hate it)!
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  13. EmmanuelSCastle


    Gonna check out some of the bachata recs asap, being Dominican I really should be ashamed to have that be such a Blindspot for me
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    Yay! I'm the kinda person who listens to like the same 10 artists all the time so this thread could use other recs!
  15. Kiana

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    I like the new Shakira album more than her last THANK THE HEAVENS. I mean that's not a high bar but I'm happy about it!

  16. EmmanuelSCastle


    I'll check it out, the last one I heard was she wolf I believe
  17. Kiana

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    I always considered her as someone who had a very consistent catalog but her self titled tarnished it
  18. EmmanuelSCastle


    I won't pretend I'm overly familiar with her back catalog (besides her bangers, obviously) but can say I've never heard a Shakira song I don't like and that sounds like a win to me
  19. Kiana

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    She is a super versatile artist who doesn't get enough credit for that or her songwriting. She pretty much wrote all the lyrics to Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 and Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 herself. Her pre-crossover albums hold up extremely well too. She's worth checking out in depth imo!
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    idec how ridic this show was, these songs are my jam. Glee who???

  21. cshadows2887

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    Jamming to this while I grade today:

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    sry for neglecting this thread

    I feel like J has been blowing up lately. They broadcast his concert on tv the other night and my brother in law aka the whitest person I know has been jamming him lately and it's so weird lol

    Cute lil spanglish jam from CNCO because Simon Cowell is intent on taking over the world with boybands

    Another cute jam

    kkkamila's Havana gets an honorable mention which is hard for me to even admit but I will give a jam where a jam is due.
  23. cshadows2887

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    Found a list of the "essential Latin albums of the last 50 years". Gonna pick through and find some older ones that intrigue me. I think I could get down with way more classic Latin music than modern.
  24. Kiana

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    I'm sure there'd be tons of modern Latin music you'd like if u explored. There's like a billion subgenres and artists to discover
  25. cshadows2887

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    Maybe, but I have never really had much jump out at me. I think it's mostly a production thing. I figure if I get into enough older stuff, maybe it'll give me enough context. Cause I love Santana and Willie Colon so far, and I heard a little of Celia & Johnny and was all about it.
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