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Late 90s/Early 00s Scremo/Pop Punk

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by drstrong, May 26, 2016.

  1. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Calling all the late 20's/early 30's folks in here, gotta be more than just myself and a few others (over 30 anyway).

    Let's narrow down the genre and time frame a little bit; back to the days where we had our favorite bands blasting away unsuspecting visitors to our Myspace pages, or lyrics in our AIM profiles.

    I wanted to make a thread where we can share some of our favorites from 10-15 years ago. We all have those memories of girls (or guys) we crushed on whose eyes were full of heavy eye liner and when band tee's were still a thing.

    So come on, bring on the side swept, black bangs and bust out the razor blades!

  2. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Some more.

  3. Schooner


    All over this!
  4. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Welcome! How old are you if you don't mind? I'm 32, so this is right in my wheelhouse.

    Keeping it going!

  5. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    By the way, does anyone remember that message board from the early 2000's that was called "melodramatic...something"? All I remember is a bunch of emo kids writing hilariously bad poetry on an all black themed board.
  6. Schooner


    30 and feeling dirty.

    Can't recall the msg board. Despite listening to that music I stayed away from the scene.
    I just hung with surfers/skateboarders
  7. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Ah yea ok, I'll admit that I had the bangs and all that type of shit but I was never a real "emo kid". I was a bit of a pothead back in those days, then straight edge for a little while after haha.

    I'm trying to find Sherwood's very first music video, but I'm not having any luck.
  8. drstrong

    I'm Back.

  9. Schooner


    Don't worry I still had studded belts and band shirts (band shirts still wear, had my old HIM one on a gym yester)

    Actually don't know a few of the vids. Def know Senses! Devo they cancelled the march concert I was going to.

    Kinda knew static lullaby.

    My ones were
    lost prophets (eek pedo!)
    The used
    The blackout
    Getaway plan
    Madina lake
    Red jumpsuit
    The wedding

    I still remember but didn't dig
    Escape the fate
    I am ghost
    Scary kids
    As I lay dying

    Although I'm more 2004-2007

    My early 2000s was all about pop/punk and nu metal
    Finch, the used was gateway to post-hardcore
    But liked at the drive in from 2001
  10. Jake Z


    Great record.
  11. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    I had the big plugs, belt, band it was awesome, haha.

    I suggest you check out the videos, and I haven't heard of all the bands you've mentioned either, though some are a bit newer.
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  12. ChrisCantWrite

    Trusted Prestigious

    Love this thread. Turning 28 soon so you bet your ass I had, "the swoosh," haircut, size 12 female jeans, stud belts, and 40+ child size band
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  13. Ha. This thread is calling me.
  14. wakaflockajamez

    die die die, cry cry cry

    God I used to LOVE hopesfall....

  15. popdisaster00 May 27, 2016
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