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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. SpyKi

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    They're not about that but your post did remind me of another of my favourite WW2 films, The Human Condition. It's three films but pretty much just one really long one and it's incredible.
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    Haven't posted in here since, but figure why the fuck not:

    Favorite movies I've seen in the last month or so are probably The Road to Glory, The Merry Widow, Through the Olive Trees, The Farewell, The Hanging Tree, Papillon and Hot Fuzz.
  3. xapplexpiex

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    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - 10/10
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  4. Morrissey


    I decided to watch a few Will Ferrell movies I hadn't seen before. Step Brothers wasn't as funny as people made it seem, Semi-Pro was mostly a bore, but Blades of Glory was a little funny. Overall, though, I was impressed by Ferrell's commitment to physical comedy, especially compared to how Adam Sandler stands in an air conditioned room with cargo shorts and a t-shirt on while his Saturday Night Live friends do the work and all he does is yell or make a face.
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  5. Just saw The Matrix in Dolby. I haven't seen it in like ten years. I had it on VHS, then on DVD, but I think that's the first time I saw it in theaters. Some of the visuals don't hold up, but some scenes are still simply stunning. The soundtrack is classic, but I found the score to be really quite unnerving, in a good way. Like, the movie as a whole is kind of split between being a very serious sci-fi film and a very fun blockbuster, but somehow when it all comes together, it works. Now that I'm older, I feel like I've gained a deeper understanding of the movie upon rewatch. What I still don't understand is what the right means when they say "red pill."
  6. Dora movie was awesome.
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  7. tdlyon

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    I... did not like Booksmart. Sorry everybody
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  8. angrycandy

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    Parasite - 9/10
    In Fabric - 5/10
    Good Boys - 8/10
    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - 8.5/10
    Revenge - 7/10
  9. Morrissey


    I was really surprised how much people raved about it when I finally saw it.
  10. Marx&Recreation


    Ready or Not reaches Purge levels of anti-bourgeois propaganda and I was enthralled the whole time.

    Also shockingly well produced for something that on paper screams B-movie
  11. Hustlers was okay. No strong feelings about it one way or the other.
  12. Not that I didn't get it the first time, but as with most things, Atomic Blonde makes more sense the second time around, with subtitles on.

    Behind-the-scenes features on the DVD make me appreciate just how much work they put into making the action sequences. I love Charlize.
  13. brothemighty


    Wow Hustlers was good

    Huh, I wonder why you couldn't relate to the protagonists

  14. Marx&Recreation


    where did he say he couldn't relate to the protagonists
  15. Morrissey


    That is a terrible way to try and defend a film. The human experience is a universal one, and great films cut across gender and race and sexual orientation and class. It just wasn't particularly good.
  16. Morrissey


    One of the best films of last year was about a middle-aged Mexican maid who feels lost because of the death of her child and how she will never truly be a part of the family she works for. It is a lot harder to "relate" to that character than it is to white high schools.
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    I just didn't think it was very funny tbh