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Last Call for AbsolutePunk Pin Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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    This is the last week we’re going to have pre-orders up for the commemorative logo pin through Hard Rock’s Online Rock Shop. So, if you want one of these little guys, now is the time to make sure you get your order in. This entire thing has been a lot of fun and introduced me into the world of pin collecting. I didn’t even know this was a thing until we put this together. Now I’m seeing them everywhere, and if my favorite bands start putting these out my wallet may be in trouble. I mean, I already saw the limited edition Portland Timbers one and kinda want it. If Blink put out one of their logo? Or a little floating Brand New spaceman? Yeah, I’d have no idea where I’d even store them and I’d want all the pins. But I digress.

    Last call for pre-orders on Hard Rock’s Online Rock Shop.

  2. Behind the Barricade

    I would totally get a Red Bulls soccer pin but sadly, there's none.
  3. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Sign me up for the floating Brand New spaceman..
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  4. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    I have a really great Copeland Ixora pin.
  5. Ainsley&MyWhetstone


    There IS a company that has already done the Brand New spaceman as an enamel pin. The same company also did the drum head woman from Neutral Milk Hotel's album. Hold on, I will dig around if I can re-find these.

    I can't find the original store. I'm sure they're past sold out at this point but the fact of the matter is they exist and you can probably get one for an arm and a leg on ebay. @JasonTate @ericwilson

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  6. Jdaniels


    I love pins, flair, etc. Used to ask retail stores for their as a kid and now I've managed electronics for a few years I've collected a nice assortment. Excited to add the ap one to my work vest.
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  7. Got mine last week, now I feel so fancy !
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  8. dvdjmskng

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    @Jason Tate @Eric Wilson The guy who makes them has a store at Products. There have been 3 runs of the Deja pins so far + they've sold out in about 2 seconds. He's also @wwwhiteyyy on Instagram where he'll announce new pins.

    At the moment there is a nice little TBS pin for sale.
  9. Eric Wilson

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    This is awesome!! Thanks so much for the heads up.. I'll definitely be paying closer attention to this site and Instagram to try and snag one next time!
  10. dvdjmskng

    The horizon is my home... Supporter

    No worries + good luck in snagging one!

    I'd recommend following him on Instagram. He's popped up a teaser pic the day before they go on sale. Oh...and if you're after Brand New pins, have the chess timer + pieces from YFW.
  11. I'm not big on bootleg merch. Always feels weird when someone is profiting off a band and they don't get any of the proceeds, but thanks for the information!
  12. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Ha I have two pins now officially, with the Absolutepunk one, and an Underoath one that I got from their recent show. I may end up getting some kind of a cork board and start collecting them that way, and hang it up on a wall.
  13. Eric Wilson

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    I remember a post from Kacey Musgraves, where she had mentioned things like her song lyrics showing up on third party merchandise without her authorization, and how she didn't get any profit from that. I used to just casually think that someone would have to contact the band's or artist's representatives or something before they could sell merch like that, but didn't realize the full picture until she pointed it out.
  14. dvdjmskng

    The horizon is my home... Supporter

    Haha...same here! I've ordered the AP one + have the Deja one. I'm not planning on getting any more at the moment, but they're cheap enough that I can easily see myself picking up a few as impulse purchases.
  15. dvdjmskng

    The horizon is my home... Supporter

    That's a good point and actually something I've never considered! I've always strayed away from crappy looking knock off goods + guys selling terrible looking t-shirts outside venues, but I figured that more highly-polished merch would have to go through some form of process before being okayed.

    I made sure to get my AP pin through Hard Rock, rather than ;-)
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  16. Eric Wilson

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    Same.. I probably won't go out of my way to find ones, but if I happen across more like these two, I'll definitely hang the up somewhere!
  17. Ainsley&MyWhetstone


    I didn't comsider that either so thanks for pointing that out as a factor Jason!
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