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Label Stops Selling PWR BTTM Album, Venues Cancel Tour Dates

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 15, 2017.

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    Following allegations of sexual assault, PWR BTTM first had touring members and opening bands drop off their tour. Then their label announced it will no longer be selling the new album:

    Throughout our 20 years, Polyvinyl has purposefully operated on the core principle that everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect. There is absolutely no place in the world for hate, violence, abuse, discrimination or predatory behavior of any kind. In keeping with this philosophy, we want to let everyone know that we are ceasing to sell and distribute PWR BTTM’s music.

    If you have ordered PWR BTTM products from Polyvinyl and would like to receive a full refund for your purchase, please contact We ask for your patience as we work to quickly process all requests.

    We will be making donations to the following incredibly important organizations: RAINN ( to support its efforts against sexual violence, and AVP ( to aid its programs against LGBTQ violence.

    Our hearts go out to all victims of discrimination and all survivors of sexual violence.

    And now various venues have stated they have canceled upcoming tour dates:

    BSTB cannot/will not support sexual predators/anti semitism in our scene and hence this event unequivocally is cancelled. We hope we can arrange future dates with Nnamdi and Tancred. All info re: refunds will be released next week. Thanks everybody for your understanding.

    The swift reaction from fans and the music community, the record label, and many venues stands in stark contrast to how the music scene reacted to similar allegations in the pop-punk community over the past few years. As Jes Skolnik wrote on Twitter:

    People responded the way they did to PWR BTTM because their fans and the wider queer community cared. Because there were frameworks we had access to and practice using. When situations like this come up again in any arts scene, people will look to this response as a model for responsible action. Other fanbases will hold their icons accountable in the same way.

    If we want our music scene to be better, we have to care and hold those that continually violate our trust responsible. We’ve seen what that responsibility looks like and I think we should demand the same from artists and labels in our community. The t-shirt slogan got it all wrong, we don’t need to “defend pop-punk,” we need to defend people first and foremost.

  2. K0ta

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    I am glad the outrage from this situation is far reaching, up to and including where the concentration of money is for this band. The labels and venues showing these bands need to stand against this behavior as well.
  3. AshlandATeam


    I couldn't agree more with the comments - people should always come first.
  4. ComedownMachine

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    I hope we treat future cases this seriously
  5. Timmiluvs

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    Take note Run For Cover, Hopeless and every other label currently employing one of the seemingly dozen other punk bands who had members do horrible things.
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  6. Bear

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    Sad to think about other such cases that did not result in consequences of this severity. The responses have historically been inconsistent to say the least. hopefully skolnik is proven right going forward, that we'll use this as a model for the future.
  7. Malatesta

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    hope the victims can find some justice... what a goddamn shame they couldn't practice what they preached.
  8. mattylikesfilms


    Band is for sure done. Good.
  9. CMilliken


    Who on Run For Cover?
  10. mattylikesfilms


    Record is officially off all streaming services except Spotify who's pulling it tomorrow.
  11. cwhit

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    assuming this is about the turnover emotional abuse situation

    although i'm not thrilled with the job RFC did with whirr, seeing that it took until shit actually hit the fan while they helped indulge the band while they were being shitty beforehand
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  12. Timmiluvs

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    what cwhit said, Turnover being on there is the biggest current problem for them, but the Whirr thing took forever to actually turn into anything so that's not much better.
  13. Bass0820


    What happened with Turnover? I haven't heard this before
  14. Timmiluvs

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  15. Iamhollywood315


    I was just about to say I never heard of this band until the allegations and I just went to hear what they sounded like and they are yanked from Apple music. Its great to see so many people from members to venues to record labels putting their foot down. everyone from every aspect of the music community has come together on all levels.
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  16. mattylikesfilms


    I have Apple Music and I added the record a day before the allegations cause Tancred was supporting them. I noticed today it was taken away lol. Good riddance.
  17. Bass0820


    Sounds like another shitty guy being a shitty guy. If I was RFC I wouldn't necessarily drop them over that. But then again I saw the singer sort of harass Mariel from Candy Hearts on twitter a few years ago so maybe they should go away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. marsupial jones

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    can't even buy it digitally off amazon anymore
  19. Yellowcard2006


    So I guess they probably aren't gonna be reading and responding to those emails? Good riddance.
  20. crunchprank Prestigious

    What Polyvinyl did was incredibly surprising (although it shouldn't be) and amazing. I can't believe things are happening. People, and even big companies, are reacting. It's just wonderful to see, and I hope this gives others who may have experienced this type of abuse the courage and confidence that if they speak out, we're finally starting to listen.
  21. kidasquared

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    as long as the action to discipline stays consistent in the future, I'm glad it's happening. otherwise, I worry there might be a queer bias...
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  22. jorbjorb

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    yeah why didn't neck deep get dropped off there label?
  23. shadowsofskylines


    Posted this on the last thread, but pretty much as it was dying down. Still disappointed Sorority Noise hasn't pulled this Facebook post or updated it in regards to the news.

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  24. cwhit

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    that post is from a month ago. i've posted about pwr bttm a ton, i shouldn't be expected (nor should we expect other people) to go back and edit old posts.
  25. shadowsofskylines


    If the post was just about the music I'd tend to agree with you (although I think I'd personally still go back and remove any endorsements for this band had I posted them). The part that bothers me is that it references a personal relationship with them as well. I think touting a friendship with Ben and Liv at this point doesn't look good on any level.