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Kundalini Yoga

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by therookielot, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. therookielot

    Punk, Absolute Prestigious

    Any other yogis here? I've been practicing for about 6 years now. It's helped me deal with my PTSD among other things. It's like getting the whole body high without drugs(well some times).

    My breath and body have never been more in sync. I think it's helped me tap into another world, creatively speaking, I feel like my imagination has flourished, or survived adulthood at least.
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  2. Collin Skeen


    I don't do yoga but mindfulness paired with meditation (be it in yoga, running, listening to/playing music, reading, whatever) can change the world.

    Have you noticed changes in your posture as well?
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  3. therookielot

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    I agree so much with your statement. Wish more people at least meditated, I know it sounds grandiose af but stress is destroying this world.

    Also noticed changes in posture, my breathing has become more rhythmic and I'm able to engage into activities easier.
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  4. Collin Skeen


    I feel you completely! It's one of those things that you don't believe until you experience it. My life (and body) literally started opening up before me once I started listening.

    I think one way we can help people find meditation is by trying to build bridges. Both in terms of exposure (like this thread! high five!) and by showing that meditation/yoga aren't too far removed from things people already tend to find enjoyable. Foreign words tend to scare people off (or at least alienate -- but for some people it works the opposite) so it's extremely important that we reach out as far as we can to share the gift. ;-p
  5. thesoftskeleton


    Yoga has been my saving grace the last couple of months. It's a weird long story but in September last year, I found out I had a rare bacteria forming in my mouth and to treat it was extremely high dosages of pencilin antibiotics via IV picc line in my arm. That was 6 weeks of a machine literally being attached to my arm so i couldn't do much physical activity. I have to continue to take high dosages of medication orally until May. Ths medicine makes me feel tired, awful and crazy indigestion cause it kills the good bacteria in body too.

    Yoga has helped me feel better about the whole process mentally and physically. The mental thing being the biggest thing of all. i have to convince myself not to be so sluggish and yoga gives me the push i need without being too harsh on my abilities at the moment.
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  6. nl5011

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    Ive dabbled in the yoga side of things, meditation is a must.

    Id really love to talk metaphysics and occult sciences (dare I call it that) behind yoga/kundalini/meditation.

    I know yoga is a safe/preferred way of experimenting with consciousness expansion (may we call it that),
    But i have personally made great strides in incorporating psychedelic plants into the process, ala Terence Mckenna, Robert Anton Wilson.
    There is alot of research to be had in this frontier of science.

    Even ceremonial magic (may we call it that) has interesting effects along the lines of kundalini stimulation, to anyone who has participated in a moon dance before or drum circle of that nature.
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  7. Collin Skeen


    OH MAN! I'd love to chat (either in this thread or PMs) but I think you're onto something!

    what one dude calls magic, I call energy, and another calls it physics :speakno:
  8. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    You should definitely check out some books on the topic. There is centuries of fluff and slander out there.

    But Terence Mckenna is genius. Crowley is misunderstood like the beatles and nirvana. Everybody wants to like em, but nobody truly understands them. People who get it: Robert A. Wilson, James Joyce, Timothy Leary, Tom Robbins, Grant Morrison, Carl Jung.

    No one is right about everything but they all shed light.

    Me personally have some fun ideas about whats going on out there.

    Like we are all fractions of a greater whole of light (Souls), that is reacting/falling through space/time, which acts as a manifesting mirror and refracts light into all information as we know and observe it today. The universe is a light pump.

    And anyone who studies eschatology or who has tripped enough on psychs know more or less what is expected to occur at the end of time.

    The material world is an interfacing reality between our separated soul of light, and the collective unconsciousness of light that is the original whole. our bodies/brains manifest this hologram that we live in as a metaphor for the information being interfaced between the microcosm of our minds to the macrocosm of the universe.

    Ideas pre-existed Material Existence. These are the Jungian Archetypes. Every idea has been 'thought' of, or else we wouldnt have the ability to think it. There is no creation of thought, just as you cannot create energy.
    When we have an idea, it comes to us from the collective unconscious as a symbol. Then our brain describes these symbols as words. This process of Language is entirely a middleman process. We lose touch with the symbols that the universe communicates with, and are lost in this virus called Language. When was the last time you stopped talking in your head, thats the whole goal of meditation. We wouldnt need to do this if we had a better way of communicating. We describe everything with language.

    We HAD a better way of communicating, just as animals do, before written history took place. (Which by the way, pre-historic societies 10,000 b.c did nothing but worship animal gods and perform ceremonial magic. They werent dumb either, cuz they had irrigation, plumbing, 5+ story apartments. See Catalhoyuk. They dont teach you this shit in school for a reason).

    The fall of man, is when the emotionally aggressive primates started forming egos. The ego formed when animals started matching the symbols communicated from the universe into their minds with guttural grunts and growls associated with language. Because the ego was becoming reliant on a system of communication that could support itself entirely in the material world, language soon lost most of its spiritual meaning/symbolism.

    Curious how the most intelligent and artistic forms of language, are the forms that are trying to break it down. Song, Art and Story all bring the symbolic back into language. It is no coincidence that memes are becoming the new form of communication, because it holds way more symbolism. Its no coincidence that when one trips on ayuasca that people talk in colors and vibrations, because these drugs break down the language reality barriers we create for ourselves.

    Sorry wrong thread for this, but im passionate about this stuff. Its fun and interesting. Im not right, and I dont wholeheartedly believe everything I say. Just fun stuff to think about. Bottomline though: Its dumb no one talks about this, or expresses an interest, as it has been the most interesting topic since the beginning of history.
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  9. I would add Graham Hancock to the list of people that "get it".
    I was actually in Peru 3 weeks ago working with Ayahuasca.
    I feel/hope there will be a shift in global consciousness in the near future, otherwise I fear our planet and civilization will be doomed.
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  10. Collin Skeen


    That's so cool! I would love to have an ayahuasca experience.

    I agree (more on the "feel" side). I think it's our duty to help share the knowledge in whatever way we can (subversive, ideally :alien:)
  11. eversotru

    harmony in a sad song

    One of my new years resolutions was to dive head in and do yoga. I started in January and have still kept my resolution. It's been a wonderful decision for me in almost every aspect of my life. I feel much more energized, calm, happy and peaceful. I also have done mediation and mindfulness practice. It makes a world of difference to be aware of the world around you and even more aware of yourself - your body sends signs as to what it doesn't like and I never picked up on them. Hell, even my posture is better!
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  12. mad

    I was right. Prestigious

    I really need to get back into yoga. I used to practice a lot when I was in high school and first couple years of uni. My teacher passed away a few years back and I haven't found anyone I like as much as her since.
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  13. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    I have not gotten too much into graham Hancock. I've seen an uncensored Ted talks that he did and I was definitely digging what he was dishin out.
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  14. MrSwetz

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    Do you guys do yoga at home, or do you go to a studio and do it? I have been debating trying to do it a few times a week, but it's awfully expensive around here. I am on the prowl for some good, affordable, ways to do it at home. I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation (I try to meditate for at least 5 minutes every day), but find it hard to focus sometimes or stay consistent with my practice. I think adding another element may help.
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  15. Collin Skeen


    My girlfriend's just been using YouTube videos to get started but I know a lot of colleges have groups that meet regularly for free. One of my old bosses showed me DDP yoga too so there's a different kind of teacher out there for everyone. :heart::heart::heart:
  16. Henry

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  17. Collin Skeen


  18. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    If you have a quiet and private home, or place in your home that would be the best. Yoga is becoming horribly exploited into this group gym thing to do after your cycling class. that is not real yoga. thats stretching v 2.0

    yoga is about controlling your mind, and that involves one of two things. YOU

    If you need anything secondary such as video, music, company; then you are getting away from the entire point of this thing.

    It takes me 10min when meditating just to calm my mind to a dull roar, and Ive been doing this for 5 years. So 5 min is not meditating, you are just resting.

    Meditation is when that voice in your head stops. The process is like an asymptote, the closer to zero thoughts you get, the more varied an experience you get.

    This is a lifestyle that takes a lifetime of dedication. To see beach body yoga classes everywhere is blasphemous.
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  19. Collin Skeen


    I totally understand where you're coming from, but I think (just from my own experiences) that it has more to do with letting go of the "self" and less to do with quiet/form/method/etc. If you think about true meditation, it's about -emptying- your thoughts to the point where you're just BEING in that particular moment, allowing you to connect with a higher form of consciousness. Personally, I get that through music (be it playing guitar or singing along with Is A Real Boy in the car) or running...not just yoga.

    meditation is about seeing what's already there. :seeno::seeno::seeno:
  20. MrSwetz

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    I was introduced to yoga initially as a form a fitness that was safe to do after having a cervical spinal fusion last summer. I get where you're coming from, but there was most certainly a benefit both physically and emotionally for me, as it gave me an hour a day to breathe and relax while still doing something active.

    And I'm certainly no yogi, and I don't have the mindfulness thing under control, but what you're saying is pretty contrary to what I've read about meditation. And maybe that's because I'm part of this 'trend' that's happening, where mindfulness is becoming a core focus of businesses and self-help.

    But I don't quite have the most private home, as my boyfriend is usually home when I'm home. I get maybe an hour to myself, but I suppose I could retreat to the storage unit in the basement and combat the spiders to get some peace and quiet. Typically my mediation is right when I get to work before anyone gets there, I lock myself in a room and allow myself to sit in my thoughts for 5-10 minutes. I do wish I could do it while lying in bed before falling asleep, but that's not easy when you sleep next to someone.
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  21. nl5011

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  22. nl5011

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    Robert Anton Wilson — Who Is the Master Who Makes the Grass Green?

    “Nasruddin went galloping through Baghdad one day on his donkey. He went up every street and into every alley and across every plaza. Every place he goes, an unending race, a hunt and search. Everybody got curious, everybody came out of their houses, and they were all yelling, ‘Nasruddin, Nasruddin, what are you looking for?’ He said, ‘I lost my donkey, and I’m looking for it.’

    The donkey represents what everybody is looking for, which is a mystical school. It’s the answer to all the riddles of the universe. And you hunt for east, west, north, south, up, down, everywhere you can imagine, and all the time it’s carrying you around. It’s the human nervous system which takes out of the infinity of the universe the little reality tunnel that you consider reality, which is your creation, which you think is the whole of the universe — unless you went to a Sufi school, or studied general semantics, or did a lot of Zen meditation, or dropped LSD once or twice. Then you realize the universe is much bigger and more complicated than any little map we can make of it. The map is not the territory. The words that describe the map are not the territory — are even further from the territory.

    What I’ve been trying to do is put the donkey on your back in such a way you’ll never forget the master, the great magician who makes the grass green, the one who creates the whole universe you live in.”
    —Robert Anton Wilson
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  23. Collin Skeen


    zen, yoga, semantics, school, and LSD are the map

    the territory is already inside us
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  24. therookielot

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    That was awesome
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  25. therookielot

    Punk, Absolute Prestigious

    curious if you have any book recommendations?