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Korn Announce New Album; Stream New Single

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 22, 2016.

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    Korn will release their new album, The Serenity of Suffering, on October 12th via Roadrunner Records. They’ve released a video for the first single on the album, “Rotting in Vain

    Track Listing

    1. Insane
    2. Rotting In Vain
    3. Black Is The Soul
    4. The Hating
    5. A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor)
    6. Take Me
    7. Everything Falls Apart
    8. Die Yet Another Night
    9. When You’re Not There
    10. Next In Line
    11. Please Come For Me

  2. Bryan Diem


    Interested in that Corey Taylor song especially.
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  3. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

  4. stuckinvhs

    Social Justice Wizard Prestigious

    I think this is what Korn should sound like in 2016. And it really isn't bad at all.
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  5. Schooner


    I got to listen to that lead single yet. But I'm guessing "album sounds like their old material and is heavier than ever before"

    Album cover is def a korn album cover. Love it
  6. kidinthebushes


    Fieldy looks like the rapper Stitches in this video.
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  7. SmugPug


    I'm diggin this. There is a good mix of new Korn mixed with the old Jonathon "namuh nema's" :)
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  8. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    Is that Chibs from Sons of Anarchy?

    The song is absolutely amazing. The eerie guitar lead is very Follow the Leader/Issues. The riff when he screams "vain" reminds me of Untouchables, and the bridge of the song is great. This reminds me of the Korn I grew up loving. I'm very impressed
  9. tomtom94


    Sounds like Korn, doesn't sound like Never Never. Works for me.
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  10. ARo24


    This actually sounds pretty good. I will jam this.
  11. slimfenix182


    I don't think there's anything more tired in music than Jonathon's lyrics. At least musically it sounds like the best thing they've done in like 15 years, or whenever it was Mirror came out. I always at least give them a listen. Even though I'm not sure why most of the time. As gratitude for everything through Issues I guess lol.
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  12. Bryan Diem


    Untouchables tho
  13. slimfenix182


    Was that after Issues? I lose track. I never really got into that, not that I think it's bad.
  14. Bryan Diem


    Maybe I should be ashamed to have the Korn discography/timeline memorizes but yeah it's a few years after Issues. I hated on it for years but the production is just gigantic and Head/Munkey brought their a-game. So many classic Korn tracks on there. The closer is a monster.
  15. slimfenix182


    Haha no shame. I thought it was after Issues. I loved everything through that album. I don't remember the last time I gave it a listen but it's probably due another chance from me lol.
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  16. Dan O'Neill


    I loved KoRn from S/T until Issues. Kinda lost track of them in high school. I dig this song though!
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  17. Dominick

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Just what the world needed, forty-year-old, white boy nihilism in aesthetic form.
  18. Bryan Diem


    Or just fun/simple aggro jams to nod your head to, ya dweeb.
  19. Davjs


    No shame at all, they were on top for so many years (Follow the Leader, Issues, Untouchables and Mirror). I agree with 'No One's There', that is probably my favorite closer. There is an awesome acoustic version on youtube.
  20. Davjs


    oh, on the topic of the new song: Sounds really great, didn't expect them to put out a song like this after the last couple of lackluster albums. Video is really really well done too! Glad to hear screaming :-)
  21. Bryan Diem


    I'll have to check this out! Though I think the regular version is so great because of how huge everything is, I don't know how it'll translate.
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  22. Davjs


    oh yeah, the original is better for sure but it's a neat listen. I would link but I'm at work and not going to youtube lol, this site hasn't been blocked! It'll be the first to come up if you search Korn No ones there acoustic.
  23. subplotofcrows

    A Grand Scene For A Color Film Prestigious

    This is the Korn I want.