Knuckle Puck – “Evergreen” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 13, 2016.

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  2. btr

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    Fantastic pop punk song and it isn't even the best track on Copacetic.
  3. redwing91007

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    Wasn't a huge fan of the video, I feel like it's been done before. I do absolutely love the song though, one of my favorites on the record.
  4. BigMouth

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    This song has the worst chorus but that riff is killer. The video is alright, it seems that KP always tries to have unique videos but they never quite work. That video for Pretense was so strange. I really liked their No Good video though.
  5. Ryan

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    Dug their last record a ton, hopefully they expand on their sound in the future.
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  6. BigMouth

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    I'm actually really scared that they won't take the sonic leap that they could, but Copacetic showed so much promise that maybe they will. I guess that's why they're dragging out Copacetic's cycle this long.
  7. JamesMichael

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    Really awesome song.