Knight of Cups Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by xapplexpiex, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. xapplexpiex

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    Anyone see this yet? Thoughts?
  2. wisdomfordebris

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    I still haven't found the time to watch it. :verysad:
  3. phaynes1


    Saw it in the theater last night. Posted more thoughts in the "last movie" thread but I thoroughly enjoyed it, while kind of wanting more of some elements at the same time.
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  5. ChrisCantWrite

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    Haven't gotten around to it, but I certainly need to.
  6. CaRoL_


    I started watching it, but I got extremely bored and fell asleep :-/
  7. OhTheWater

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    Need to see this
  8. ChrisCantWrite

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    I'm 54 minutes in and I'm having an extremely difficult time focusing.
  9. adammmmm

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    I need to watch this again
  10. seen it a few times now. absolutely sublime stuff. probably my 3rd favorite malick
  11. OhTheWater

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    Behind which two?
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  13. did some haphazard malick rankings after zoller seitz tweeted his a month or so ago and i went with: Tree of Life, Thin Red Line, Knight of Cups, New World, Badlands, Days of Heaven, To the Wonder. very fluid though
  14. ForestOfAllusion

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  15. ChrisCantWrite

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    I'm not too familiar with Malick's work. Is Tree of Life, for lack of a better term, more mainstream and accessible than Knight of Cups? I really had a difficult time digesting it.
  16. a bit, yeah. if you want more accessible then i'd go back to badlands/days of heaven/new world/thin red line before going to recent malick.
  17. ChrisCantWrite

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    Fair. Thanks.
  18. Chassi

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    I liked it but it's probably his weakest for me. Every Malick film is incredible though.
  19. absolutely true. odd ranking his films cause i love even my least favorite
  20. brandon_260

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    Rewatched it a week ago (and finally saw Malick on the big screen!!!). I sort of picked from it this time that Bale's character was dealing with a more general sense of depression instead of something induced by the monotony of fame and success which I think gave me a better grasp on the character. I initially appreciated Malick's approach to the beauty of urbanized landscapes but this time around I missed his obsession with nature.

    Also, I'm very curious about his interest in the homeless and physically and mentally afflicted. It seems something new/more prevalent with To the Wonder and this one.
  21. gonz (Alex)

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    Had a really good experience seeing this a couple weeks ago.

    Malick/Lubezki 2016
  22. Driving2theBusStation


    Not that interested, but might see it if it is on cable or HBO Go. Really anticipating Voyage of Time though, which might be out as soon as this year or the next.
  23. Sophos


    heard there's a burial song used in this. thats chill
  24. wisdomfordebris

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    maybe it was just the absence of ben affleck, but i liked this way more than to the wonder.
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