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  1. Joe4th

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    Yeah that was rough. I used the big armored one for the last space bosses in the 3rd galaxy and then the health special weapon and just grinded it out.

    The whirlwind boss fight sucked, I used another one of the constellation ones for that one
  2. Anthony_

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    Hell yeah, can't wait for Sora to be added as a Legend in season 1
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  3. CobraKidJon

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  4. Allpwrtoslaves


    Does anyone miss battling actual Disney villains? Maybe it’s just nostalgia glasses clouding my memory but it feels like there used to be a waaaay better balance of Disney character bosses vs themed heartless bosses. The only ones I’ve faced so far are the Hercules titans and Davy Jones.
  5. VanMastaIteHab

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    Yupp, I had this thought several times playing this game. You do get the Frozen yeti guy as well, but this game still has waaaaaay less Disney bosses than 1 or 2.
  6. Mrplum5089


    Just beat it, so good
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  7. Mrplum5089


    Secret movie fucked me up good
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  8. dunkey gets it

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  9. Joe4th

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    Dunkey has always annoyed me honestly
  10. Mrplum5089


    I love his meme videos and normally skip the ones where he tries to make well thought out/reasoned critiques lol
  11. Joe4th

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    He clearly hates JRPGs so I’m not sure why he continues to play them
  12. Anthony_

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    I don’t know who that person is but I feel like I’m several orders of magnitude dumber for having watched as much of that video as I did
  13. Allpwrtoslaves


    I’ve noticed that Goofy is literally the only character whose voice inflection even remotely resembles the appropriate tone for the scene going on.
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  14. GEM37 Feb 11, 2019
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    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Dunkey’s a lot harsher on the game than I could ever be, but I basically agree with all of his criticisms. It pains me that the story has truly become the worst thing about these games, but here we are. (Especially in the Pirates world.)

    Bill Farmer’s like a really good actor, yo.

    Although that said, I actually had a lot more respect for Hayley Joel Osment this time around. I dunno, if just kind of sunk in for me how long he’s been doing this role and how he still put a lot of emotion into his readings when it feels like a lot of the other VA’s have either slowly been replaced or just checked out.
  15. GEM37

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    Double postin’ for dayzzz...

    Finally beat the game this morning. I said it when the game started and I said it when it ended: Kingdom Hearts III represents everything that’s beautiful and everything that’s awful about this series, often at the same time and cranked to 11. In some ways, I was genuinely moved by how it felt like the developers were trying to honor the commitment of time and money that me and many, many others have put into these games over the years. And other ways, it feels like they... just didn’t.

    Some quick, spoiler-free thoughts...

    - I really did not expect the Winnie the Pooh keyblade to bring it that hard.

    - The combat in this game is so insane they turn falling into its own mechanic (and it works!)

    - I was not prepared for how big these worlds are, and I am an odd mix of overjoyed, overwhelmed, and a little bit pissed (fav: The Caribbean, least fav: San Fransokyo - also worst music)

    - Graphics and presentation are gorgeous, and a major step up from the prototype of A Fragmentary Passage.

    How did they make the pacing of the cutscenes even slower? These reaction times are like watching Kabuki Theater...

    - Some of these hashtags were killin’ me (#ExOrganization #FormerKeybladeMaster #RealmOfDarkness #SecretForest)


    - Holy shit, Einhander baby!

    - Though most of the actual storytelling blows, the major strength that KH has always had is setting up and hitting big emotional payoffs. When all the bullshit and grinding leads to a major sacrifice or reunion, it almost always sticks.

    Post some spoiler thoughts (w/ tags) later, but in short, for all my complaints, it still did enough right to warrant a solid 7/10. However, I am going to be very reticent about spending any money on a side game before it’s part of a future collection. I hope the next numbered installment comes a lot sooner.

    And KHII will always be the best.
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  16. VanMastaIteHab

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    This, lol. The egg cracking game is impossible.
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  17. Mister Lyrical

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    Really hoping that they ditch having side story games and we can go straight to Kingdom Hearts 4 after this (I guess excluding the mobile game which we seem to be stuck with). A lot of the story issues would be eliminated if the previous games hadn't been dispersed across multiple games on exclusive platforms. Plus I don't want to wait another 13 years for the next main game.
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  18. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Been watching a lot videos like this and having a goooood time!

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  19. I probably just liked-not loved-a bunch of this game but man the last act is so good
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  20. Mrplum5089


    The ending hit every emotional beat I wanted it too, and honestly made me forget alot of the issues I had.
  21. billyboatman

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    Where was the heart in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    So letdown and disappointed in this game.

  22. billyboatman

    Just call me Billium

    Mostly summarizes how I feel about this game. Not my video.

  23. Anthony_

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    Such an amazing ending to the saga. Still thinking about it.
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  24. Joe4th

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    Yeah I absolutely loved it. Obviously have some criticisms, but overall I was very pleased and happy with how the story went and loved some of the newer worlds.
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  25. Allpwrtoslaves


    I loved the game, but there is so much shit that pissed me off. The treatment of Kairi is insane.