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Kevin Devine Announces Devinyl Splits Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 6, 2018.

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  2. Stevangelion

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    Just curious and not asking this to be a dick; but does he catch shit from people for his friendship with Jesse Lacey and Brand New?
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  3. Sybil


    He had no idea. He dropped from the Brand New tour and posted a statement as soon as he found out. AFAIK, he's just been doing his own thing now.
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  4. Tom Lee Mar 6, 2018
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    Tom Lee


    If you search 'Kevin Devine' on Twitter, you'll definitely find people who are holding it against him. Some of these are people I respect a lot and follow. This sucks and makes me really sad, because I love Kevin to bits, and I do believe he's acting on what he thinks is best, most compassionate, and morally sound on behalf of everyone.

    But I also understand why people still feel angry about him remaining friends with Jesse, or supporting him to any degree - and his statement on the subject, where he compared his own past addiction to Jesse's actions struck a wrong chord with a bunch of people.
  5. Brent

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    Dude knew.
  6. leerkat

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    I think I may be the most vocal person about my disdain for Kevin's reaction to this whole situation. One of the only ones, in fact, because very little people actually care. I'm currently writing out a piece about why I think he's currently full of shit, so that should come this week. (hint : it's not because he's still friends with JL.)
  7. SamLevi11

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    Who do we think might be on this? I'm thinking The Front Bottoms could be involved due to his ties with them, and maybe Julien Baker would be one?
  8. Orla

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    Petal has toured/ played multiple one-offs with Kev over the past couple years, so I shouldn’t be reaching too far in hoping she’s on one of the splits
  9. serotonin

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    He dropped off the tour and released a statement right away. How do you know that he knew how the girls felt about the situation? Has that ever been stated by anyone? I'm not trying to start a war or anything, I'm genuinely curious, but can wait for that piece you're speaking of. Kevin seems like one of the most genuine people I have ever met.
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  10. leerkat

    relentlessly nosy bastard

    TBH I think dropping off the tour was the bare minimum especially for someone who's established themselves as a social justice advocate, so he doesn't really deserve any praise for that, does he? Also I didn't talk about any girls so I don't really know what you're talking about? Don't want to come off as aggressive there, just confused! There's a lot of reasons so I think I'm gonna hold off until the piece is finished.

    Edit : also I take MANY issues with his statement, it definitely made matters worse and is probably the main reason why I think he's a fake.
  11. cwhit

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    i don't think it's worth doting on kevin when publicly he disowned jesse immediately and has been a huge ally for a while. jesse is his friend, you can't expect someone to totally bail on their friend even if they did do horrible horrible things. obviously if he knew it's a bigger deal, but that's just making terrible assumptions.
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  12. leerkat

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  13. cwhit

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    well, i look forward to reading your points soon, and hope it uses real information as opposed to just being and assumptive journalistic hit.

    not that i'm blaming your motives, i just hope that we're using facts here
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  14. leerkat

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    I'm not trying to make it out that he knew, I don't know that, I don't think he did and to be frank I don't think that would change much. That is definitely not my point, not what I'm interested in, and not what I'm pissed off at Kevin for. I don't need to milk rumours when there's plenty of actual stuff to be unpacked.
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  15. Ska Senanake


    Kevin was a perfect example of what to do when even remotely affiliated with a situation like the Jesse one. I would be shocked if anyone was salty to him for his previous affiliation.
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  16. Tom Lee


    I definitely care! But I don't feel that anger about his flawed reaction, not enough so for it to affect my view on his character. I admire him a lot, and I may be friendly with him, but I don't want to seem on the fence, or defensive; and will definitely read what you're writing, and why you and others are so frustrated with him. Would be interested to hear you interview Kevin, but I think I know what his reasoning might be for choosing not to respond. Ditto with Phoebe re: the cancelled Pinegrove tour.
  17. leerkat

    relentlessly nosy bastard

    I would have loved to talk to kevin calmly in private to let him know what he did wrong because we used to be good, but he straight up ignored my attempts at communicating.
  18. Tom Lee


    Yeah, this makes me sad.