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Kevin Devine Announces ‘Brother’s Blood’ Anniversary Shows

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Kevin Devine will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Brother’s Blood with some anniversary shows.

    I’m fortunate in a peculiar way to have no obvious consensus record, or a particular moment where I was properly thrown up in the air; the arc has been less jagged than that, more stubborn and gradual, for better and for worse. Each album has its adherent camp, some bigger, some smaller, with some welcome fluctuation over time.

    It is probably true, though, that the largest and most settled congregation exists around Brother’s Blood, and, even if I’m specifically poorly suited to pick favorites or interact with my music in the same manner as you, I understand why.

    I firmly believe that my career as it is presently constituted largely exists as a result of the writing, making, and touring of Brother’s Blood. It was a clear pivot that also manages to still feel fully vital and current to me.

    We hope you’ll join us December 13th in Boston, 14th in Philadelphia, and 20th in New York to celebrate that vitality.

  2. Ska Senanake


    All of Everything Erased, Another Bag if Boned, and Brother's Blood are Kevin's best 3 songs IMO. Will definitely be at the Boston show.
  3. xmilesross


    Cannot believe this is ten years old. Not the biggest KD fan anymore but I was in 2007-2009 and it feels like yesterday I saw him for the first time at Bottom Lounge in Chicago which was right before/during he released the EP with Another Bag of Bones on it.. Feeling every bit of 31 today hearing this haha