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Kesha’s Billboard Music Awards Performance Blocked

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 18, 2016.

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    Joe Lynch, writing for Billboard, on how Dr. Luke’s record label, Kemosabe Records, is blocking Kesha from playing the Billboard Music Awards:

    “Kesha accepted an invitation to perform on the show and she received written approval from Dr. Luke’s record label, Kemosabe Records,” dick clark productions said in a statement. “Kemosabe subsequently rescinded its approval following a media report on Wednesday May 11 regarding Kesha’s appearance on the BBMAs. Unfortunately, Kesha and Kemosabe have since been unable to come to an agreement for Kesha to perform on the show.”

    Utterly ridiculous.

  2. Mike


    I really hope that this trial is the beginning of the end for Lukasz Gottwald (I refuse to call this man by a title he did not earn).
  3. jrock920


    she is getting fucked over by that jamoke
  4. Woohoo!


    In a way this could be good for Kesha. Anyone who knows how she's been screwed over will support her when she is finally able to make a comeback. This is still an awful situation for her in the meantime.
  5. Behind the Barricade

    I guess there are different rules for each show? I wonder how Kesha was able to perform during Zedd's performance at Coachella?
  6. BornToRun

    Regular Supporter

    That is brutal!
  7. CMilliken


    This is ridiculous.
  8. notbrokejustbent


    Why is this not making HUGE news?? I wish EVERYONE knew what a piece of garbage this guy is. Ugh, so infuriating.
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  9. billcom6


    I just find it odd that a record label can dictate if someone can perform during an awards show or not.
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  10. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    This entire situation is sleezy..
  11. subplotofcrows

    A Grand Scene For A Color Film Prestigious

    I want Kesha to release a hardcore/grindcore record about how shitty this whole situation is and how much of a piece of garbage this guy is.
  12. crunchprank Prestigious

    A Bob Dylan cover? That would have been very interesting. Shame it's not happening.
  13. rst


    I assume the label owns the rights to the song through their deal and/or Dr. Luke wrote the song and owns the rights. So either way they would need to give permission to Kesha to use the song at a televised event like this. Obviously its usually in all the parties' best interest to allow a performance, and something like this comes up when there is personal bullshit and petty stuff going on. Calivn Harris did the same thing not too long ago and forbid Rita Ora from performing her song that he wrote.

    Edit- Apparently it was a Bob Dylan cover song. So maybe she has a stipulation in her contract that all televised performances must be OKed by her label first?
  14. FTank

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    Piece. Of. Shit.
  15. I can't wait for her to be free.
  16. smowashere

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    Absolute garbage.
  17. supernovagirl

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    firstly WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE MORE COMMENTS are you kidding me
    Secondly I was just too mad to see straight when this news came out. It disgusts me to my core that they own her like that.

    HOWEVER I am so happy to see the update as this is the first I'm hearing of her performance being back on. Still obviously SO beyond messed up that they have the control to begin with, but, at least she gets to perform.