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    Rapper Kanye West announced that he and his Sunday Service choir will take part in Awaken 2020, a prayer rally featuring dominionists Lou Engle, Ché Ahn, Cindy Jacobs and other evangelists that will be held Saturday, Jan. 18 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. According to one report, West’s announcement sparked such a flood of people registering for free tickets that the event website crashed.

    Engle teaches that “the church’s vocation is to rule history with God.” He has used his prayer events to call for an end to abortion in America, to mobilize resistance to LGBTQ equality, and to ask God to “remove” pro-choice Supreme Court justices so that President Donald Trump can replace them with justices who will eliminate a right to abortion.

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    The spiciest meme

    oh boy I decided to wander back into this topic at the right time

    nice nice nice nice nice nice
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    Somebody make this guy go away. What a sad decade it has been for Kanye West.
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    LOL, yes these 15 days have been pretty bad for him.
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    Hey look, I learned a new word today that infuriates me: Dominionists
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    I mean, last night nobody could answer the name of his new album on the Jeopardy Greatest of All Time tournament. I think it's the only question all night that went unanswered. Hopefully it is a sign of Kanye fading into obscurity.
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    I definitely laughed at that, obviously I got it right, but I getcha
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    The group is incredible to see live, would recommend it.
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    What a cursed image.
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    Jack got a better fit than Kanye wow
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    Japanese Bonus Track

    If he's willing to share space with an antichoice homophobe then the question must be asked whether West himself endorses or shares those beliefs. Fuckjng disgusting behaviour. Yes I know it was weeks ago but it has to be said.
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    who is Jack?
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    yeah, is that like...Twitter Jack, or something? lol
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    Yeah, Jack Dorsey
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    three tools!
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    When did we start hating Jay lol
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    Jay partnered with the NFL for their fake social justice initiative and co-opted Kap’s movement to monetize it and soften the NFL’s image
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    I don't care about sports, but from an outsider perspective it really seems like the NFL needed someone desperately to fix things in a very broken system. Isn't Jay supposed to be the entertainment liason or some shit, didn't they just have an amazing halftime show with two latin women? I'm obviously not in any of the meetings that he is in, but is this not a very obvious step forward?
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    Also this:

    Jay-Z Gets The NFL To Commit $100 Million To Criminal Justice Reform - Black Enterprise

    Jay deserves the benefit of the doubt on this, at least.

    Not to mention the other good things he does/did.