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Kanye West - Jesus is King (September 27, 2019) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Blainer93, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Blainer93 Sep 17, 2018
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    Jesus Is King 9/27
  2. Bane

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    oh gosh
  3. irthesteve

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    Ok then
  4. smowashere

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    Oh boi
  5. OhTheWater

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  6. seeing as we're doing yet another thread for this trash-ass human: Kanye West wore a MAGA hat. Kanye West is at best a collaborator and at worst knows exactly what he's doing and is happy to be used as the American right-wing's token famous black supporter guy. You can keep your shit takes about his music because he's a fucking fraud. I do like 'Yandhi' as an album title though because Mahatma Ghandi was a notorious misogynist, something everyone has conveniently forgotten because it suits their liberal narrative. Mr. West is telling on himself. He's fucked up so many times this year alone and people are ready to gloss over it because he's shitting out another album in two weeks. Fuck off.
  7. OhTheWater

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    I don’t think many people, at least on here, are glossing over it
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  8. I'd sure as fuck hope so. Sick to the back fucking teeth of him being given a pass.
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  9. primavera

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  10. OhTheWater

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    He's on his weird back to basics redemptive narrative shit. I still didn't listen to the interview where he walked some stuff back, but idk if that was enough from the soundbites I heard. Giving such a narrow release date for a project and just shitting out whatever unfinished shit he worked on in the studio is getting old. I need perfectionist Ye back
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  11. Matt Chylak

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    The chances that “I Love It” are on this album are near 100%, and the title probably means he’s still going to be on his “Ye loves everybody, even controversial people” shtick. Wouldn’t be surprised if a 69 Track is on here as well.

    As a lifelong Kanye fan, this year has been really disappointing.
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  12. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Yup. Doesn’t understand the impact of giving a voice to those people
  13. emojedi


    I’m disappointed in Kanye this year. The music itself I think has been mostly very good. I loved both Ye and KSG
  14. Matt Chylak

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    I wish I could pull a Sliding Doors and hear them both without the controversy. But they're inextricably linked.
  15. Blainer93

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  16. Serh

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  17. jlinitz

    John Linitz @jlinitz

    Musically, I like the idea of Yeezus 2 if this is what he's hinting at. Did not enjoy "Ye" but preferred "Kids See Ghosts."

    But mann Kanye lost me this year. Hard to stick by him through all the MAGA bs. I know he's always said stupid shit throughout his career but this has been too much for me. Also, fuck outta here with the 6ix9ine nonsense. I don't know why anyone continues to work with him.
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  18. tdlyon

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    I would have maybe waited to see if this album actually exists before moving on from the Ye/KSG thread but I'm here for it lol

    And there's no way I Love It is on the album. I bet it ends up on Lil Pump's though
  19. username

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    I Love It’s success is probably what spawned the idea for a new album, so it will almost definitely be on here. Especially if this is an extension of the Yeezus sound. The production on I Love It is the closest a Ye track has sounded to Yeezus since that album.
  20. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Although I’m still not entirely convinced Yandhi is an album and not just something to do with his SNL appearance.
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  21. Blainer93

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    Louis Brodinski posted these snippets on his IG story and he’s currently in Chicago.

    He did work on Yeezus, specifically Send It Up and Black Skinhead.
  22. radiodead


    Those snippets are interesting.

    At first I chalked this up to nothing more than something to do with the SNL performance as well. But the mini disc is the one clue that hints at more. So idk. We’ll see.
  23. Blainer93

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    Posted 4 of these photoshopped billboards today too.
  24. Blainer93

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  25. arewhyayein

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    The stack of dictionaries
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