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Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ May Hit #1 With Virtually Zero Sales

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Chris DeVille, writing for Stereogum, looks at how Kanye West‘s The Life of Pablo may be the first number one album with practically zero actual “sales.”

    Pablo still isn’t on sale anywhere besides Kanye’s site, and even if Tidal reported the limited number of Tidal TLOP purchases to Nielsen SoundScan, those sales happened weeks ago. But HITS Daily Double and @chartnews report that the album is projected to accumulate about 60,000 equivalent units based almost entirely on TEA and SEA and will likely ascend to #1 on the Billboard 200 next week.

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  2. jorbjorb

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    not surprised haha
  3. tigereatsapple


    ...and you wonder why he's asking for money
  4. Jeff

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    Is the "1500 streams = 1 purchase" completely arbitrary?
  5. younglikeme

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    This can be a good thing though, no? The idea that someone with no means of creating a physical record or shipping it to stores can now look at an example of being #1 with no physical release is pretty cool, I think, even if that example is arguable the largest solo star in the world so not exactly apples & oranges but still... haha
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  6. alexmacwilliam

    It’s a perfect day for letting go...

    It's the same thing that Radiohead did. They used their position to change the game. Most of the time when one person does something for the first time, then other people are able to do it. It's that threshold of "now this thing is possible". I believe we will see many more artists go #1 on streaming. He opened a door. Kanye's been doing that since day one.
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  7. wisdomfordebris

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    This might be my favorite Kanye album. Really.
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  8. Sal Paradise


    I might be right there with you.
  9. alexmacwilliam

    It’s a perfect day for letting go...

    Honestly, it's really good Graduation > CD > TLOP > Yeezus > MBDTF > 808 > LR
  10. Jonathan

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    Finally got to hear it now that it's on Apple Music.
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  11. Guys Named Todd

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    I wish there was a way for me to buy this outside of Tidal. I like the album enough that I would pay for it, especially on vinyl. Instead, I'm left sailing the high seas.
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  12. alexmacwilliam

    It’s a perfect day for letting go...

    Agreed on the vinyl situation
  13. Zilla

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  14. Guys Named Todd

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    Well, yeah...but I meant a reasonable way, preferably a physical copy.
  15. Eric


    This ranking is...different haha. I'm but real familiar with CD or LR but it's weird to see MBDTF so low here. Seems like most people agree that it's his best
  16. alexmacwilliam

    It’s a perfect day for letting go...

    I think the impact that that album made on hip hop as a whole is why that album is important. I think the album itself is really good, but songs like "Gorgeous", "Hell Of A Life", "Blame Game" are not my favorite. Graduation made me fall in love with hip hop, CD was the first rap CD I ever bought. I think Yeezus is a masterpiece and right now I really fuck with TLOP. I don't go back to MBDTF as much as the other 3
  17. polyfilla

    who can never be sure

    Looking forward to a vinyl release - but I don't anticipate it happening for quite some time if this is going to be the "living, breathing" project Kanye says it is.

    I'm so fascinated with the idea of a constant work in progress - just that concept alone makes TLOP an AOTY contender for me. Reminds me of Imogen Heap's "The Listening Chair" - a song she plans to update with an additional minute of material every 7 years until the day she dies: