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Kacey Musgraves - Star Crossed (September 10, 2021) Album • Page 6

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. SpyKi

    I've been in love with her for ages Supporter

    I usually love seeing the visual components of albums/music. It can really add to the vibes of records for me.
  2. sophos34

    they say this is medicine Prestigious

    I listen to advance songs because I like hearing new songs
  3. sophos34

    they say this is medicine Prestigious

    and how it ranks on their album of the year list as though that means anything to anybody else
  4. Barresi

    Spooky Space Kook Supporter

    I don't listen to any songs ever, I'm just here for the discourse.
  5. zmtr


    yeah im only really into post-music these days
  6. ImAMetaphor

    absence 8/20/21 Prestigious

    Visual albums are cool I guess. The trailer for this one did not look good. Golden Hour is a wonderful record. Opinions.
  7. navidson


    Can we all at least agree that it's wonderfully refreshing to see such a short roll-out?
  8. Matt Chylak

    I can always be better, so I'll always try. Supporter

    The songs work on their own, don’t worry.
  9. pudge104

    Stay gold, Ponyboy

    The first true single “justified” is coming Friday.
  10. radiodead


  11. Matt

    the bones are their money, so are the worms Prestigious

  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    we're on each other's team Platinum

  13. radiodead


    Revisited Golden Hour for the first time in a while. Still incredible. First 7 songs and the last 3 are perfect. That run of “Happy & Sad”, “Velvet Elvis”, and “Wonder Woman” is still a total drag for me though.
  14. OotyPa

    fall away

    Those are some of my favs on the album!
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  15. radiodead


    Oh I’m sure there are quite a few in this thread that love those, but I usually have to force myself to not skip to “High Horse”
  16. SpyKi

    I've been in love with her for ages Supporter

    Love Happy & Sad but the other two are definitely the weak point of the record for me too.
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  17. Happy & Sad is the only one that kinda loses me
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  18. sawhney[rusted]2

    I'll write you into all of my songs Supporter

    Velvet Elvis is a banger cmonnn
  19. bobsheiskawy

    is it the same for you? Prestigious

    "Velvet Elvis" is fun and also pretty easily the weakest song on the album.
  20. zmtr


    absolutely no skips on Golden Hour
  21. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    "justified" is out there and it's solid
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  22. radiodead


    I wouldn’t say they are “skips” in the traditional sense, they are fine. It’s just more of a tracking coincidence that my 3 least favorite songs on the record are in succession at 8-9-10. I wonder if would notice them as much if they were spread out over the album.
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  23. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    All those songs are great and Golden Hour is perfect.
  24. Sean Murphy

    moon pie, what a time to be alive. Supporter

    having the “skips” debate is dumb, imo. whos really to say what constitutes a good/entertaining song for others?
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  25. incognitojones

    Look at this guy Supporter

    I don't skip songs on albums, if an album has a bunch of bad songs I just don't listen to it.