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Kacey Musgraves Announces New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Kacey Musgraves will release her new album, Golden Hour, in 2018. She recently talked with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming album:

    Musgraves describes her new LP as having a “trippy” twist, citing the Bee Gees, Sade, and Neil Young as influences. And while she’s often celebrated for her clever wordplay and witty turns of phrase about small-town life, Musgraves says she avoided wrapping every lyric “up in a little bow” in favor of more direct, reflective songwriting.

  2. Eric Wilson

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    Super stoked for this. Will be seeing her in April, so excited to hear some new songs live.
  3. Jehn LeRoy


    Don't like country that much especially don't like pop country, but I love kacey's music. She's the best.
  4. dotKev


    Suddenly one of my most anticipated for 2018.