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JXDN – “A Wasted Year”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 2, 2021.

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    The new JXDN album is out today. It was produced by Travis Barker and the chorus to “A Wasted Year” has a nice little Blink-182’s “Feeling This” callback in it.


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  2. RileyWitiw Jul 2, 2021
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    I was surprised by this one because I've heard a few tracks of his and the past and they've just fallen a little short for me. There's some good tracks on this--check out FUCKED UP and LAST TIME.
  3. musicguy87


    I came here to echo Feeling This Sentiments.
  4. transrebel59


    This dude is extremely racist (Like, defending the KKK racist) and homophobic. Travis is a fucking loser for working with this kid and this honestly shouldn't even be posted on this site.
  5. josh-

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    That’s because it’s the chorus melody, blink is credited as the writers
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  6. musicguy87


    Travis wrote this song. Not all of blink.
  7. WasteSomeTime


    know nothing about this kid but where is all this racist stuff you say
  8. transrebel59


    These are the three tweets that caused him to leave social media for a while

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  9. sowrongitsryan


    Cool song
  10. Chad Grauke


  11. josh-

    Twitter: @joshcaraballin

    Look at the song credits - all three members of blink have a writing credit because it’s an interpolation of Feeling This. I know they didn’t technically write it.
  12. sblackburn Jul 3, 2021
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    The first Tweet wasn’t bad at all. He was encouraging people to love. Lol

    The second was an example of ideological Christian extremism… Cringe-worthy bigotry though.

    The third was just pointing out irony through satire. Not racist. It was edgy, sure but not racist. People who claim it was are jumping to conclusions.

    No racism. A cringe-worthy post that some extreme Christians espouse but nothing racist…that second Tweet was pretty bad though. Its the whole “love the sinner, not the sin” argument. I don’t like it and it’s pretty weak as an argument. I view it as either someone being brainwashed or just using religion as an excuse to hate.
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  13. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Also seems that he has distanced himself from those views. He was 16-17 years old and attending a Baptist Academy for high school at the time of those tweets.

    I think the focus should be more on allowing people to grow rather than holding them to their previous views even after they change.
  14. Mort Michaels

    party over here, i’ll be over there

    100% this
  15. dzyjay


    Agreed!! Let’s start educating people rather than cancel
  16. CyberInferno

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    this album is super catchy, nostalgic feel. if you liked 2000's pop punk, this will hit with you.

    a lot of us have moved past this kind of music, but it's still fun to throw it on and work out, run, drive, etc.
  17. AMC


    Doesn't really seem that bad.
  18. somethingwitty


    This is pretty heavy on the cheese
  19. Allthegiganticthings


    Fine tune, but it sort of sounds like a guy singing pop punk songs while driving in the car on a road trip as opposed to full on singing with raw emotion. Haven’t heard anything else from this dude, I’m just here for the blink 182.