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Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop The Feeling” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 6, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. heymynameisjoe

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  3. LuigiPeppercorn

    older than shrek, apparently Prestigious

    Yeah, this is gonna be massive. Such a jam
  4. alexbrew

    Just here for the comments

    About to take over radio.

    Not really fan though?
  5. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    It's a jam. And I'm glad it's for a movie, cause I'm not sure how I'd feel about a whole record in this direction.
  6. dp619

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    @Jason Tate In a lot of your posts, you say to find the video/etc "below" but it always seems like its above the actual post. Am I missing something or is it based on the browser I'm using? just curious.
  7. Meaning below the jump when read from the homepage.
  8. This song is awesome, fun video too!
  9. smowashere

    Trusted Supporter

    Song of the summer.
  10. carlosonthedrums

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    Everything about this song puts a smile on my face. Didn't even realize that was the cast at first, just thought he chose random celebrities who were also fans.
  11. Jaime//Continent


    Great hit for summer, hope JT continues to make tracks in this vein.
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  12. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    I like it. I wouldn't mind at all if he continued in this direction for his next album.
  13. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    Slam dunk song of the summer candidate
  14. Fucking Dustin

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    I approve this message
  15. Owlex

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    I like the song but I can already tell I will turn on it quickly lol
  16. Letterbomb31

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    This song is great.
  17. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    This is gonna be a HUGE hit.
  18. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Two days straight of listening to this, Im sorry blink-182 for replacing you temporarily
  19. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    Is it on loop?