Justin Courtney Pierre Talks About Upcoming Motion City Soundtrack Tour

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    Justin Courtney Pierre talked with Alternative Press a little about Motion City Soundtrack’s upcoming tour:

    I think Josh said to me, “Hey. You want to do a show on New Year’s?” And I said, “Sure. What New Year’s?” I think I was just about to do my tour. [Pauses.]

    I can walk you through a scenario, and this might explain things: I’ll hear from Josh, or I’ll call Josh and say, “Hey! I’ve got an idea for a song or a thing. Do you want to work on it?” And he’ll say, “Yeah, let’s figure out a time for it to work out.” We’ll plan that out, and then the time will come, and something will come up, and we won’t be able to do it. Then a month will [go] by, and one of us will call each other and say, “Hey, hey, you want to do this thing? This sounds like a good idea. Let’s do that.” That loop has always kind of happened the last couple [of] decades. Also, I don’t know; I’m speculating here.

    Motion City are a much bigger beast than the little stuff that I’m doing. But I don’t have a problem with doing both of them at the same time. I think that I’m going to make music in one form or another forever. [Deep breath.] I really should’ve thought of things to talk about. I like to make it up on the fly because it’s honest, you know, instead of preprogrammed sound bites…

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    It seems as though people are complaining less when broken up bands return to play shows - which I'm glad of. I appreciate that bands do a ceremonial tour if they think it could be the last one they'll ever do, but I also encourage them to play more should they reconcile or feel inspired to perform together again.

    I'm happy for the guys of MCS, clearly Justin never lost interest in making and performing music.
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  3. CMilliken


    I’m stoked for this. Will be traveling from SLC to their Anaheim show. I hope they’re back for good, but if this is the last time they played a show, you best bet I’ll be there.
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  4. tyler2tall

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    I think full time bands feel pressure when they stop being full time. Motion City could do a tour like this every year or two with an album/EP every 3 or 4 and people would be happy.
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  5. ramomcferno

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    It seems like this is just a change in status from full-time touring band to part-time and that should be okay. I think more bands should be okay with saying this. People's lives and priorities change that should be okay.
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  6. Ryan

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    Theres some read between the lines here, and it could just be me interpreting as a fan, but there seems to be a sentiment that they would like to make MCS work on some level, albeit not a full time tour tour record, etc level. Im okay with that tho.
  7. wisdomfordebris

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    Justin Pierre is the greatest.
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    Couldn't agree more on band reformations, seemed like every time a band would decide to come back a person or three on here would be upset about it, and I'd think to myself really?! We all live once and any further opportunity to to see a band you love come back reenergized to perform again should absolutely only be embraced.
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