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July Talk Drop Off Nothing but Thieves Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Yellowcard2006


    Don't think I've seen anything from NBT in response so it's nice to see someone actually reacting.
  3. tyramail

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    What was the misconduct?
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  4. ccr_2108


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  5. Phil507

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    I like this band but I imagine there has to be some truth to these claims. Wonder if they have to drop off the AWOLNATION tour in the winter.
  6. bmir14


    These are some strange, depressing, scary times we're living in
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  8. Shordeli


    Say hypothetically all allegations were false (which I'm not saying they are). What would you consider a good response in a situation like that?
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  9. tyramail

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    The first and second paragraph are conflicting to me. Showing support of victims in the first paragraph, then the “people immediately believing them” line in the second, rubs me the wrong way.
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  10. bestofmoss


    Has there ever been a * good *statement released by a band/individual after allegations came out?

    Is there even one single example?
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  11. tshreve


    Foxing did good
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  12. Step one: not threatening legal action.

    I could come up with quite a few ways you could write one with respect and tact.
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  13. jackludwick


    the guy from Foxing did good addressing and completely owning up to their allegations and detailed how he knows what happened, probably the best way i’ve seen. A dude who played in that band Beach Slang also took complete responsibility and agreed that his removal from the band was the right decision. those are two i can think of they are “appropriate”
  14. Jamie Dagg

    Master of not knowing what the hell I'm doing.

    Also not that I think it's necessarily appropriate as a response in all cases, but Foxing also donated show proceeds to RAINN following that for I think the rest of that tour. Really it was a stand up job all round.
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  15. RoKKeR

    The Fly

    Oh god damn it. Had no idea this was happening with NBT. This sucks, and what an awful response that is too.

    Feel for the victims here who not only had to go through these events, but also surely the response to the allegations.

    Can we just not be shitty people? FFS.
  16. Shordeli


    Yeah, I can totally see that. I can also see that if I was accused of something so terrible, and if there was no basis in truth, one of my first reactions would be to respond with legal action. Whether or not that would be something I would include in my statement, I guess I'm not sure.
  17. epicnate98


    Never liked this band anyway. Wouldn't mind if they just faded away.
  18. epicnate98


    But honestly, time will tell if the allegations are false, because a lie like this will be super hard for the band to maintain. Eventually, I think the truth will come out. You gotta be pretty dumb (and pretty famous) to think you're gonna get away with a lie like this.

    I mean, even Neck Deep didn't completely deny the allegations in their garbage statement, what makes NBT think they're gonna get away with it?
  19. Behind the Barricade

    I keep getting my scumbags confused but was it Ronnie Radke that lawyered up against a girl and she had to drop the case due to lack of money? NBT appears sunk in the water given the amount of evidence this girl has. I wouldn't be surprised if they went the lawyer route and forced her to sign an NDA or bury her with legal fees.
  20. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    This is what makes me so fucking mad when people are like “well the accuser should’ve gone to the police, they should take legal action, they shouldn’t be posting on social media...” etc. People who think legal action is the only thing that confirms these allegations piss me off. A) go through some sort of trauma and tell me how easy it is for you to talk to anyone about it B) many victims don’t have the money to take legal action C) even if they took legal action, why the fuck are you putting so much stock in a system that let Kesha lose and let Brock Turner serve 3 months. Gtfo with that shit.
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  21. Behind the Barricade

    Exactly right. Taking legal action could take years and a shit ton of money for fees. Where are these victims getting all this money from? Also, what job is going to keep an employee that constantly has to go to court and miss work? Even if you do win and get money out of this, at least half goes to lawyers and court fees. Then the government has to take a piece by taxing your winnings. Now you're left with an even smaller amount and you're never going to fully make peace with the situation. On the other side, the label has in-house attorneys and can probably write off what they paid out.
  22. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    Thank you, I don’t know how people can’t think that in depth and just think the victim can do this so easily and it would solve everything. I think this also just shows that victims don’t come out to gain anything, there is nothing to gain.
  23. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    Just a point of clarification, there should probably be more distinction between civil court and the criminal court in this conversation. For those arrested and charged through the criminal system, the victim isn't the one having to hire and pay the lawyer. Though if going through civil court for damages then yes, you're needing to hire a legal team and you'll pay a crazy amount of money. I'm not suggesting you don't know the distinction, I mean this for the broader conversation happening as it relates to going to the police or taking other forms of legal action. The other reason I even bring it up is because too many disgusting skeptics suggest victims are after money when most will never see a dime, and especially if it results in criminal charges.

    Obviously there are plenty of other reasons discouraging victims from going to the police, as have been mentioned by you and others though.
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  24. Behind the Barricade

    I hear you 100% Kyle. I based what I said before after this particular case and how I see it going. If NBT gets a lawyer involved, I'm guessing it would be a defamation case. Then would that lead to a criminal case if the judge or whoever allows the woman's evidence? I have 0 law experience as you can tell haha.
  25. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    No worries. I debated even raising the point, especially because I'm a lot less familiar with American law, and how much more active the civil courts are there. My understanding is that it's common for criminal cases to be followed by civil cases (OJ being one of the most famous examples) - the former of which was obviously prosecuted by the DA's office, and then the latter brought forward by the Goldman and Brown families.

    I'm going off on a tangent here though, my point simply was that defenders of the accused make stupid arguments, especially when it comes to victim intentions and money.
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