Julien Baker Performs on Colbert

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  2. justin.


    It's amazing how far she has come since Sprained Ankle.
  3. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster!

    Well that was powerful.
  4. MatthewLowry

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    Damn. I've been not listening to her for too long. That video just put me over the edge. Hold my drink, I'm going in...
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  5. aoftbsten

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    Amazing performance! Killing it on a huge stage.
  6. Honeymagnolia


    Incredible performance
  7. Ryan Gardner

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  8. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

  9. jco3


    Amazing stuff.
  10. personalmaps

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    She’s unbelievable. Absolutely incredible.
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  12. Bartek T.

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    I cried hahh ;D ...she surely was quite nervous, and it seems like she changed a few notes to play it a bit safer, still very impressive and just perfect!
  13. LJ Rime


    Good live performer. Too bad her songs are rather middle of the road.
  14. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

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