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Julia Holter – “Fighting Duran”

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    Julia Holter composed the score for the upcoming film Bleed for This. Today she’s released the track “Fighting Duran” — you can stream that below.

    Track Listing

    1. Willis Earl Beal – “Too Dry to Cry”
    2. Audio Two – “Top Billin”
    3. Julia Holter – “Splitting 10’s”
    4. Julia Holter – “A Small Fantasy”
    5. George Michael – “Monkey”
    6. Billy Squier – “Emotions in Motion”
    7. Bad Company – “Rock Steady”
    8. Julia Holter – “Maxim’s I”
    9. Julia Holter – “Home Movies”
    10. Willis Earl Beal – “Disintergrating”
    11. Julia Holter – “Fighting Dele”
    12. Julia Holter – “Vinny Vs. Them”
    13. Julia Holter – “Not Gonna Fight Again”
    14. Willis Earl Beal – “Burning Bridges”
    15. Julia Holter – “Fighting Duran”
    16. Julia Holter – “Show Me How You Fight”
    17. Julia Holter – “Final Round”
    18. Julia Holter – “Vinny’s Triumph”