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Jony Ive Leaving Apple

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 28, 2019.

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    Jony Ive, the famous designer at Apple, is leaving the company after thirty years. I thought Gruber’s take on the whole thing was pretty good:

    Third: This may be good news. Ive is, to state the obvious, preternaturally talented. But in the post-Jobs era, with all of Apple design, hardware and software, under his control, we’ve seen the software design decline and the hardware go wonky. I don’t know the inside story, but it certainly seems like a good bet that MacBook keyboard fiasco we’re still in the midst of is the direct result of Jony Ive’s obsession with device thinness and minimalism. Today’s MacBooks are worse computers but more beautiful devices than the ones they replaced. Is that directly attributable to Jony Ive? With these keyboards in particular, I believe the answer is yes.

  2. AMC


    Probably good to get some new blood in there. Android/Samsung/Google has been out innovating Apple for a while now.
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    I honestly love my 2018 MacBook Pro. Love the keyboard, but haven’t seen any issues other have seen with it yet. He’ll still be very involved with Apple as they’re one of his clients. I do hope this will shake things up a bit.
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    Apple is running out of chess pieces.
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  6. laraheart


    And Microsoft. Those companies are almost running their own race at this point - Apple doesn't compromise on design (touch screens on Macs an example) and it is worse off for it. They will always have a sustainable business with phones and other consumer goods but it's not enough to get them back on top.
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