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  1. tdlyon

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    Serious lack of Jake Gyllenhaal in this discussion. I will see ANYTHING he does.

    But yeah I do agree that Gosling, Leo, or Phoenix being in a movie means I will watch it
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  2. Cameron

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    Cough Velvet Buzzsaw cough
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  3. OhTheWater

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    Definitely Phoenix. Disagree with Leo. He's fine and Wolf is the best that he's done, but he isn't an incredible actor. Aya Cash's performance in You're the Worst is enough for me to call her one of my favorite actors. The entire cast of Atlanta. Elizabeth Moss, Willem Dafoe, Idris Elba. Obviously DeNiro
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  4. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I love Jake Gyllenhaal and think he's a great actor, but I think it's because he has a stellar track record of choosing interesting projects to work on.
  5. Nathan

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    Isabelle Huppert and Juliette Binoche too
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  6. BlueEyesBrewing


    I always think John C. Reiley is one of the best around, albeit with a few duds in his career.

    Pitt is another pretty boy but will always get me interested in a movie. And Ben Foster is becoming one of my favorites currently
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  7. Dinosaurs Dish

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    John C Reilly is definitely a favorite of mine and I can't believe I haven't talked about Pitt yet. He might be my all time favorite.
  8. Nathan

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    Pitt is underrated as an actor and a producer. He has very good taste.
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  9. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Each time I watch Moneyball it climbs higher and higher up my all time favorites list. It's perfect.
  10. Brother Beck

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    As far as straight acting goes, I would put Pitt ahead Leo. As far as my pure enjoyment watching them goes, John C. Reilly is ahead of almost everyone !
  11. Dog with a Blog

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    Ethan Hawke is underrated imo. Also, she’s been in a fair amount of duds, but I think Naomi Watts is so great. Always thought she was good but her performance in Twin Peaks really took her to another level.
  12. Rowan5215

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    Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive is one of the all-time great performances
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  13. coleslawed

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    these are all excellent takes.
    I always forget that John C. Reiley is an excellent dramatic actor. and Ben has yet to disappoint.
  14. tdlyon

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    Honestly Lakeith Stanfield is rapidly climbing the list for must-watch actors for me
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  15. Lucas27

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    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Saiorse Ronan, Brie Larson, Emma Stone, or Jennifer Lawrence. All of them have their strengths. Ronan is the most subtle (the best of the group for my money). Larson is emotional. Emma Stone is just Emma Stone. Lawrence is a great character actor. I certainly don’t love everything they’re in, but I am always interested.
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  16. Nathan

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    They’re very very good, but I think they’re maybe more in that movie star, Leo/Gosling charm camp
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  17. Nathan

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    And I don’t mean to underrate them. They have tremendous skill and talent. But the conversation started out about DDL/Joaquin Phoenix level performers.
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  18. Lucas27

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    For sure. I can see Saiorse getting to that level though. She definitely doesn’t strike me as a typical movie star actress.

    I could still see Brie getting there too on the strengths of Room and Short Term 12 alone.
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  19. Nathan

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    Those two in particular are really great. Lawrence had a similarly strong start but hasn’t had great taste in projects for like five years now.

    They’re not quite at a Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Adams level yet, I’d say.
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  20. Nathan

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    Also I’ve only seen Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out and Black Panther but he’s legit.
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  21. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    His first movie was the GG Allin documentary
  22. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  23. Doomsday

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    Dude was the lead of what is probably the best Black Mirror episode, and he was absolutely unreal in it. I gotta watch more of his stuff

    Edit: oh man how could I forget he was Posh Kenneth in Skins ahahaha, wicked
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  24. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Check out Widows
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  25. SpyKi

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    I didn't know he was in Skins but now I can totally remember him.
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