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  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  2. Nathan

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    If Nathan died a year before the events of the film, why was Elsa drawing all these fantasies about ways to murder him?

    I wanted to like this. Taika's always fun and the British kid was funny. Otherwise I thought it was pretty bad/toothless.
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  3. Lucas27

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    I thought it was Elsa morbidly dwelling on all the ways he could’ve been killed as a form of mourning. Whatever the case, that scene must have been very concerning for you specifically.
  4. OhTheWater

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    The part where baby Nick Frost says that he can’t die got a laugh out of me
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  5. Nathan

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    Someone pointed out to me that they were Jojo's drawings, which makes way more sense.
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  6. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    This was beautiful and I loved it.
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  7. Marx&Recreation


    impressive that Waititi was able to make a satire about the nazis feel as toothless and second-hand embarrassing as an SNL Trump sketch
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  8. yung_ting


    didn’t think it was possible but Joker has some competition for the worst BP nom
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  9. Serh

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    smaller margin of quality between joker and 1917 than joker and this

    jojo is at least decent, as much as it could’ve been way better
  10. Morrissey


    Joker was a bad superhero movie. There have been many and there will be many more. Jojo Rabbit is an affront to basic taste and decency.
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  11. yung_ting


    gonna have to disagree with you there

    1917 was just alright but way better than I expected and this was shockingly bad
  12. Nathan

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    I didn't think I'd dislike this as much as I did. It and Joker are close, but they're bad for different reasons
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  13. Marx&Recreation


    Give me your take on it
  14. Serh

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    play with sound

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  15. phaynes12

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    that was better than the entire movie
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  16. Serh

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    adapted screenplay
  17. phaynes12

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  18. Nathan

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    academy likes well-meaning nazis more than they like little women smh
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  19. Tim

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    Eh, I still really liked this movie, & love Taika in general, so I'm happy that he got one of those shiny statues. *shrug*
  20. the rural juror Feb 11, 2020
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    the rural juror

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    Finally watched this. It had no business winning adapted screenplay, and shouldn’t have even gotten close to a best picture nom, but overall I thought it was fine. Unlike fellow undeserving BP nom Joker, at least its heart was in the right place. But Waititi has done, and will do, better.
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  21. Jacob

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    this was great. i have a feeling it was good i stayed away from the internet on this one.
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